January 2009

Show Expert

Showing cattle can be hereditary. Sue Stream got it from her kids.
We caught up with Stream, from Chariton, Iowa, at the conclusion of the 2008 North American International Livestock Exposition at Louisville. She said she did pretty well with one reserve division champion, and “we stood high in all of our classes, and that was good.”

The Scoop

Check Out the Scoop!
Inventor and entrepreneur Jim Potts designed the Scoop to help him quickly move or work a little dirt using his tractor. The rear mounted bucket/blade features a deep mouth to catch and hold dirt as it's skimmed off. The idea for the attachment came as a solution to his own farming needs, but once word spread about the unique tool, he found that other producers were interested in owning their own Scoop.

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Biodiesel Processor

Pepin Introduces a Biodiesel Processor
With a Biodiesel Processor you can make your own renewable fuel!
Pepin Bio Tech Inc, of Pepin, Wisconsin has introduced an affordable, cost effective biodiesel processor that makes it possible for consumers to make their own biodiesel. Using a Pepin Processor, fuel can be made for any diesel car, truck, tractor or boat with no vehicle modifications.

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Calf Tables

Product Review

For-Most Calf Tables have three drop down branding doors that open independently to provide plenty of access to the animal, a vertical sliding tailgate stays upright when table is tipped to eliminate a separate gate to stop animals in alley. There is an adjustable leg pin for separating the animal’s legs for castrating, with an optional removable foot panel for easy access to the underside and feet of the animal. A self-catching head gate opens wide for easy exit out of the chute.