March 2009

Wick Buildings offers a brief overview about the tax breaks available for Agricultural Buildings in 2009.

We here at the American Cattlemen have posted this article to inform you there are two programs available for agricultural buildings in 2009. We thank Wick Buildings for submitted this article to us to be posted.

There are essentially two programs available for Agricultural Buildings in 2009. One is called Section 179 and is a Tax Expensing program. The second is an accelerated Bonus Depreciation schedule for qualifying buildings. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions but encourage you to speak with your accountant or tax attorney to assure you have the necessary information.

VT Fabrication Tree Shear

TREE SHEAR: VT Fabrication of Weston, NE introduces the V Cutter. Built to fit most skid steer loaders, the V Cutter is the fastest and easiest way to cut unwanted trees! The V-Cutter cuts down trees up to 8” in diameter with a non-moving, fixed blade system. Just center the skid loader with a tree and drive forward. The tree is cut at or below ground level.
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ATV QuickSwitch Attachment - The Grappler

The ATV Grappler is the newest front attachment for Swisher's ATV QuickSwitch™ System. The grappler is used for brush or debris collection and transportation Swisher’s unique system is a universal-fit mounting system designed to allow you to quickly change between a wide variety of front and rear heavy-duty attachments. It attaches to the underside of virtually any ATV and runs the full length of your ATV for unparalleled strength, stability. The leaf spring design takes the weight off the front suspension, providing maneuverability and stability while carrying heavy loads.

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Hitch-Feed Yards Dr. Bob Lake

Sit with Dr. Bob Lake, full-time nutritionist for Hitch Feed yards, and you have the privilege of visiting with a man who means business. Lake is a bottom-line guy. He wants to get to the pith of the problem and the essence of the visit. His keen eyes are windows to a mind that is busy collecting information … sifting, dissecting and carving until he trims out a solution to the issue at hand. It is this razor sharp mind that is a big reason Hitch Feed yard is on the cutting edge of cattle feeding.
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American Bucking Bull Inc

American Bucking Bull, Inc. (ABBI) is the official registry for the bucking bull industry. American Bucking Bull, Inc. have over 80,000 animals registered. They also have Classic and Futurity events, produced in conjunction with the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) across the United States. ABBI payouts for these events in 2008 was over $1,792,929.00.
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Priefert 3-Point Rear Blade

For Category 1 or 2 tractors, Priefert Rear Blades have five directional settings forward or reverse. In 5’, 6’, or 7’ lengths, these blades are great for dirt work, road maintenance, snow removal, ditching, landscaping, etc. Reversible moldboards have high carbon, heat-treated steel edges. Powder Coated.
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The Nature Conservanay's Bison Herd Expands Onto New Prairie and Soon With New Calves

DES MOINES, Iowa – The historically and genetically valuable bison at The Nature Conservancy’s Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve will graze another 275 acres as one more gate is opened for the new herd on Iowa’s largest contiguous native prairie. The 28 bison, moved to Broken Kettle in October 2008, has spent most of the winter on more than 150 acres. Opening the gate will give the small herd access to 500 acres and less viewing possibilities by the public as they are able to go farther back on the Conservancy property.

Alltech, Mitsui, and Asahi Breweries Creates New Venture - Could Eliminate MSG

Alltech, Mitsui, and Asahi Breweries Creates New Venture - Could Eliminate MSG [Lexington, KENTUCKY] –The Mitsui trading company and the world renowned Japanese Asahi Breweries announced a new partnership, which will create a joint venture company trading as Advanced Yeast Technologies Japan between Mitsui and Asahi.