April 2009

Livestock Scales

Product Review


Create a great first impression to your farm or business with a personalized “New England Style” sign from EZSignsOnline.com. With prices starting as low as $139.00 these low maintenance outdoor affordable signs are a great way to convey your properties “pride of ownership”. They are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and styles.
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Tru-Test Energizers

Tru-Test Announces New Speedrite & Stafix 6 Joule Energizers These 6 joule output (9 joule stored) energizers are both AC and DC units. Therefore, each can be operated by ELECTRICITY, BATTERY, or SOLAR energy. They can power up to 60 miles or 240 acres of fence depending on fence and farm condition.
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Livestock Scale Indicator

Horizon is a fitting name for Digi-Star LLC’s newest livestock scale indicator. The new Horizon is arguably the most advanced, easy to use display, offering the most common sense features asked for by today’s progressive producers.
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New Alternatives Emerge in the Midwest for Manure Management

With environmental regulations on the rise for ranchers and farmers across the nation, it becomes increasingly important to look for alternative methods of controlling manure runoff, according to Chris Henry, extension engineer for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For generations and especially within the last 10 years, water quality has been a major concern among environmentalists. And with farms and ranches across the country bordering local waterways, U.S. livestock producers are even more closely regulated among governing agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).