June 2009

Galloway Cattle at a Glance

The Galloway breed has been in North America for over 150 years. At one time it populated the Plains states, back in the days when cattle were exposed to the rigors of the environment with little assistance their owners. The Galloway thrived in these circumstances, because that is the story of the breed’s development. They were the cattle on the British Isles that were left on their own in the roughest of


Powerful Tractors

Product Review

Agco DT 240a
• Powerful AGCO engines with Electronic Engine Management 3 (EEM3) and high-pressure common rail injection technology deliver impressive torque and improved fuel economy

Propane Powered Post Driver

Compact Post Driver - Worlds First Propane Powered Post Driver
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Hay Baby

New Way To Move Bales With An ATV You can move large round bales behind a 4-wheeler or UTV using this new electric-operated, 2-wheeled attachment. “It eliminates the need for a tractor and lets you get into wet fields without leaving ruts,” says Lonnie Fast, Fast Hay Movers, Inc., Fairmont, and West Virginia.
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Bale Hay Trailer

Atchison Manufacturing New 16 Bale Hay Trailer • Manual Dump on 10 & 12 • Electric Brakes & Turn Signals • New Spare Tire & Wheel • LT245/75/R16 10ply • Heavy-duty 5th-wheel jack • Both Cradles Trip at Same Time • Deep Cradles for Safe Transportation • Safety lock down on cradles • 10-Bale has 27k axles • 12-Bale has 2 10 axles • Under 8' 6" width empty for legal transport
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Trucker’s Tale: Reduces stress through humane cattle handle

 From the ranch to the processing yard, beef calves endure high levels of stress dealing with new, foreign environments that can ultimately affect beef quality and the producers’ bottom line. And while for most cattlemen, it’s always a satisfying feeling to get the calves loaded onto the trailer and watch the truck fade into the horizon, many producers harbor some degree of anxiety until they know the cattle have reached their destination safely.

Can Commercial Cattlemen Make AI Pay?

Suppose you gathered up exactly one hundred cow-calf producers representing a true cross-section of the commercial industry. And just suppose you asked all among the crowd who currently use artificial insemination in their operations to raise their hands. It’s likely there would be no more than eight hands waving in the air. There would be even fewer if you asked how many producers were practicing AI on mature cows. The simple fact is that most commercial producers shy away from AI. Of those that do use AI, most use it only for breeding replacement heifers.