August 2010

Grow nature’s power plant and realize tremendous growth potential with Gamagrass

Do you want to solve your pasture productivity problems?  Gamagrass may be the solution you’ve been looking for.  It’s adaptability to a wide range of climates and soils (upland to bottom, sandy to clay) earn it a place in your operation.  The tremendous regrowth potential of gamagrass and consistently high forage quality provide the key to unlock your maximum pasture profits.

Eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides (L.)L.) is a native, perennial, warm-season bunchgrass.  This tall, robust grass has long been recognized as a highly productive forage grass of the eastern prairie with a photosynthetic rate that is among the highest reported in scientific literature for any species.

Preserving Family History

State Aerial Farm Statistics is an aerial photography company that’s been in business since 1952. 
Mr. Gale Astles, president of State Aerial, was at one time, a sales representative for the company going door-to-door selling aerial photos. In 1962, with his vision of what State Aerial could become, Mr. Astles purchased the company. Subsequently, each year he would continue to expand the reach of the company by adding new counties and states to his flying schedule. This involved the further purchase of additional airplanes, professional cameras, lenses, etc. and the hiring of more pilots to photograph the new territories. The following year, additional sales staff was recruited to send into the newly flown counties and states.

No more mechanical float switches or timers needed!

“Goodbye” to old forms of storage tank level control, “Hello” to a better way!
Advanced Power Inc’s electronic tank level controller! Meet the AC-ALC. (Advanced Level Control) One of the best forms of water storage tank level control on the market! Simply wire in your AC power supply into the unit. Wire your AC pump into it as well. Run the grey wire to your tank, attach to edge and place the ends at the level you wish to maintain. When water comes against the ends it shuts the power to the pump off, and when water falls away it restores the power and turns the pump on. In most instances it works well in freezing weather when a float can be a problem to use.

Red Poll Breed

Pure beef cattle breeds exist and thrive only to the extent that they can produce profits for their owners, across many environments, many markets and changing times. Since the development of the commercial beef industry in the United States, many breeds have come and gone. Long-term profitability is rare in the US beef industry. Red Poll cattle have been profitable for their owners ever since first arriving in the United States in 1873. For over 137 years, Red Polls have been working and profiting on America's Family Farms.

Cattle Chutes

Product Review

Livestock restraint systems are designed to keep both the handler and the livestock safe from injury. But an equally important benefit to using a cattle chute is that it will save you time and money as well. You’ll save time through the efficiencies that occur when you’re able to control the animal during branding and medical procedures; and you’ll save money by not having the downtime and expense of an injury.

Management of Imported Fire Ants in Cattle

Imported fire ants are now a major pest problem throughout the southeastern United States, including in cattle production operations. No methods have been developed to successfully eradicate fire ants, but research may ultimately provide a method to eliminate this pest. Biological control can potentially suppress fire ant populations but will never achieve absolute control. The appropriate fire ant control methods should be determined by the problem that the fire ants cause in a particular area.