October 2012

Business Profile: Westway


An Analysis of a "Crossbred Bull 'Fix'"

We read with great interest last month’s article, “Crossbred bull fix’” by Miranda Reiman of Certified Angus Beef (CAB). The hypothesis of the article was that using composite (F1) bulls had a number of disadvantages compared to purebred bulls and straightbreeding. Her reasoning was that composites (F1): had unpredictable calf crops; less reliable EPDs, which included lack of genomics; and could not be purchased in bulk. I would like to address these points.

Cover Story: Parker Ranch - Home of the Hawaiian Cowboy

I feel a particularly special responsibility,” said Dutch Kuyper, President and CEO of Hawaii’s historic Parker Ranch.  “Staring at me now is a portrait of A.W. Carter, who ran the Ranch as manager from 1899 to 1937.”  Kuyper’s high-ceilinged office is just off the grand parlor of sixth-generation Parker family home “Puuopelu.”   It looks over windswept green pastures and aloha-tended gardens, a spread ascending into the foothills of Kohala and Mauna Kea mountains of “the Big Island” and beyond.