June 2013

Convenience Traits are Important

Convenience traits are those cattle traits that contribute directly to savings in time, facilities, drugs and labor in a cow-calf enterprise.  Some examples of these traits would be temperament, polledness, structural and udder soundness, disease and pest resistance, heat tolerance, doing or fleshing ability, mothering ability and calving ease. Many of these traits of convenience are not highly heritable but contribute to the ease of participating in and enjoyment of the beef cattle industry.

Gallagher: Celebrating 75 Years of Working Alongside Producers

75 years ago in New Zealand, William Gallagher Senior got tired of Joe the horse rocking his car, so he electrified his car. The horse got the message and the concept for the world’s first ever electric fence system was born. That sort of fresh thinking and innovative undercurrent remain at the heart of Gallagher today.

Beef Prices to Rise This Summer

Just as the summer grilling season is heating up, beef supplies across the country are down, meaning it might cost a little more to host that backyard party.
 In fact, the number of beef cattle in the United States is reportedly less than 30 million—the lowest number since the early 1960s. And when numbers go down and feed prices go up, consumers end up paying more at the grocery store.

“In the interest of telling the whole story, productivity has also increased since that time,” said University of Kentucky College of Agriculture economist Kenny Burdine. “But, the combination of fewer cattle over the past several years and generally strong export markets has left beef supplies relatively tight.”

Technology Improves on Tradition: Introducing Ranchmate™ Wire Fencing Products

Everybody knows the old saying “good fences make good neighbors.” Ranchers, of course, know that good fences do a heck of a lot more than make good neighbors. Good fences help us keep our very livelihoods secure. Most of us learned the time-honored tradition of fence building and mending from our fathers and grandfathers, who learned it from the generations that came before them. But the truth is – the world of ranch and farm wire fencing – from smooth wire to barbed wire to electric wire – hasn’t seen much improvement over the decades. Until now. Ranchmate™, an innovative new line of wire fence construction and repair products, has set about to change the old ways of doing things.