July 2013

Understand Genetics to Manage Your Livestock

To manage the genetics of beef cow herds, producers should consider several factors in a logical sequence. These factors are production conditions and markets, types of cattle, breeding systems, breeds, and selection of individual breeding animals.


Production Conditions and Marketing

The first factors to consider in a genetic strategy may not be all genetic and should include production conditions and marketing. Genetic strategies for beef cattle should be based primarily on production conditions including the following:


Crossing Borders

The 400 ton Boeing 747 from Japan Airlines was on its final approach into Narita Airport. The entertainment system went off for a few seconds to restart with the pilots’ point of view taken from a camera attached somewhere near the cockpit. It was overwhelming to see the immensity of Tokyo from the air, and then the runway getting closer and closer until we finally touched ground. The camera kept recording until our arrival to the gate.

Giving Thanks for Holly - Moooove over Fluffy Cow. Say Hi to Miss Fuzzy!!!

Whitehall Farms is located in Santa Rosa County in the Northwest Florida town of Milton.  The farm namesake is derived from an old confederate plantation in Maryland. The farm was established in the early 1990’s on 150 acres with approximately twelve cows and one bull, all of the Belted Galloway breed.