December 2013

Alta Seeds - Forage Sorghum An Efficient, Reliable Alternative to Corn

High tonnage with lower costs and less water has forage sorghum acreage increasing on the High Plains

Cattlemen looking to improve their forage solutions are turning to forage sorghum because of its ability to produce high quality feed that is cost-effective and water-efficient. Sorghum is well suited to produce with limited water and high temperatures, so it’s a great fit for areas such as the High Plains.

Breed Profile - American Red Poll Association

Red Polls: The Beef Industry's Best-Kept Secret

Until now, the Red Poll breed has been the industry’s best-kept secret. Now we are ready to share that secret with you. According to Dr. Keith Gregory, long-time USDA Researcher at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, “I feel the Red Poll breed is one of the most underutilized breeds in the country. Our research has shown the contributions this breed can make to crossbreeding programs. Red Polls excel in early puberty, with our studies showing they had the highest percentage of conception at a younger age of puberty. This breed also has optimum milk production and makes for an ideal cross.”

Red Polls have been waiting to move to the forefront of the cattle industry, and now is the time.

Business Profile Control Devices LLC

Winter Watering Made Easy The Latest Option to Fight the Freeze

For most of the U.S., the winter months are the most challenging for the cattle industry. Most livestock producers agree, when temperatures begin to drop, stress levels begin to rise — for the animals and for the good folks who dedicate their lives to raising them. Going head-to-head with Mother Nature is no easy task this time of year!

Cold-stress can wreak havoc on a herd if the animals are not in prime condition. You will want to take appropriate measures to ensure your cattle are ready for the season and remain in optimum physical shape throughout months of harsh cold.

Magness Land and Cattle

Magness Land and Cattle is a widely acclaimed Limousin ranching operation headquartered in Platteville, Co., that consistently produces Grand Champion Limousin bulls and females. Magness has long been involved in showing Limousin cattle on a national level. However, with annual bull sales of 300 head, they think of themselves as commercial bull providers that happen to show cattle on a national scale in order to promote the program and the breed.  Started by the late Bob Magness, the ongoing motto of Magness Land and Cattle is “The brand you trust…the results you expect.”

After achieving an agribusiness degree in college, son Gary Magness followed in his father’s footsteps as a cattle rancher initially raising registered Hereford cattle.