June 2014

Rio Nutrition:The Road Less Traveled

Cattlemen spend a lot of time looking at their input costs, and rightly so. These costs can become so daunting, however, that the net result is obscured: the output performance. This is the message that Trevor Greenfield, owner of Rio Nutrition located near Redwood Falls, Minnesota, is heralding. “It’s got to be about both — input costs and output performance — there needs to be a balance.

Kencove Farm Fence Supplies

Charles Kendall, a successful Blairsville, Pennsylvania dairy farmer, became frustrated by the time-consuming and occasionally painful process of working with barbed wire. So, when he started a fence contracting business in 1980, he decided to explore techniques to improve the efficiency of fence building. Kendall recognized the advantages of high-tensile wire and hoped to make installation easier. He felt that crimping wires together was faster and stronger than the usual hand-knotting process. Soon Kendall was manufacturing and selling the crimp sleeves, and this was the beginning of Kencove Farm Fence Supplies. Kencove is still headquartered in Blairsville, and now serves customers all over the world as a leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural fencing supplies.

Agri-King – Leading the Way in Enzyme Technology

Enzyme technology is a hot topic in livestock nutrition these days, and Agri-King, Inc., based in Fulton, Ill., is leading the pack with their enzyme technology.“Agri-King uses enzyme technology to target the performance needs of multiple livestock species paired with the feedstuffs being fed to optimize feed efficiency and profitability for the global agriculture market being served,” says Dr. Dave Jones, Director of Nutrition at Agri-King.There is more nutrition in the feedstuffs we feed than livestock can extract by themselves. Given the current cost of feedstuffs and the slim margins in the livestock industry right now, everyone needs to be as efficient as possible at extracting all the possible nutrients out of the feeds we use in our livestock operations.

ITW New Zealand, LTD

FENCE 5x FASTER – With the STOCK-ade Fencing Stapler System

At STOCK-ade, we know that stapling can be the worst part of any fencing job. The solution you’ve been waiting for is finally here.