Hydraulically Rotating Timberline® Tree Shear

Published on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 1:08pm

January 2010 - Now there's a new way that you can cut and trim trees; with a hydraulically rotating Timberline® Tree Shear for your excavator.  This revolutionary tool from Sidney Manufacturing allows you to reach in and cut up to a 14" diameter live hardwood tree in one cut.  Utilizing over 70,000 lbs. of force, a T 1 steel blade provides a clean cut both safely and efficiently.  The ability to rotate after the cut allows the Timberline® Tree Shear to also serve as a grapple to lift, wrangle and carry the fallen tree.

Clearing land or selectively removing trees for land owners, municipalities, railroads, and others for over 20 years - this special tool, adds great versatility to any excavator, at a great price.  For more information see our video at www.sidneyattachments.com .

Sidney Manufacturing Company, LLC has been designing and manufacturing versatile, durable, and powerful products for over two decades.  Based in Sidney, Iowa, the company is known for competitively priced products built to last a lifetime. 

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