Product Review – Ag Software

Published on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 8:52am

You don’t need us to tell you how far technology has come in a relatively short time.  These days just about every record you can think of is logged digitally so it can be organized according to individual needs.  Tracking your actions from years past can be useful in making an informed decision about what you’ll do in the future in any business, and the cattle business is certainly no exception.  Following are some software products to help you run your operation more smoothly and help your bottom line, too.


Ag Biz Solutions LLC


Hay&CropManager™ software is a farm business management tool that saves time in record keeping, provides valuable business decision information and helps improve profitability.  The program was developed by Ag-Biz Solutions, LLC, a grower-owned business located in far northern California, and is designed to work for crop growers, brokers and exporters. Hay&CropManager™ was named a 2008 Top 10 New Product at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA.


• Know your actual break-even costs before you price your product

• Complete and detailed inventory list at your fingertips when a buyer contacts you

• Keep a firm grasp on your accounts receivable

• Production histories, costs and revenue summaries ready for the banker eliminates guesswork

• Know which areas of your operation are making/losing you money

• Brokers/Exporters - track purchase and selling contracts

• Simplify source verification and transportation/scheduling management

• Information you need - when you need it - to make informed decisions


9600 Red Rock Road

Macdoel, CA 96058




The home page of the Cattle Max website explains it pretty well: ‘Whether you are in it for the profit, the pleasure or a little of both, the survival of your cattle operation hinges on your ability to make good decisions, and good decisions start with good information. Does your current record keeping system give you access to what you need, when you need it? Is it accurate? Is it easy to use? Is it fun?’  CattleMax cattle software is designed to be all of the above.


• 30-day free trial

• Video demos and guided tours on their website

• Commercial and Registered Cattle editions

• Fast set up and easy to use

• Customizable reports

• Simple record keeping to advanced reporting and analysis

• No subscription fees or annual renewals

• Real-live customer support


PO Box 2647

College Station, TX 77841



Midwest Microsystems’ Cow Sense


Cow Sense, ‘the flagship’ of Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C., aims to provide cattle software solutions to the beef industry.  Application and analysis of all the information in your herd can be time-consuming and possibly overwhelming with so much riding on making the right decisions. Cow Sense has applications for all cow herd management needs whether low tech or high tech!  Interface with applications for hand held pocket PCs or Smart phones as well as with a number of electronic devices such as scale indicators and EID readers.  Cow Sense also provides for seamless data exchange with breed associations, feedlots and other industry partners. Cow Sense was created to help you make the most informed decisions possible for your herd and operation.


• Pick which products work best for you

• All Cow Sense products tie into the same database

• Record data hands-free when hooked up to an electronic scale

• Electronic manual and searchable help section included

• Collect data on an unlimited number of animals

• Training available

• ‘Remarks’ field to help keep track of animal behavior

• More info on beef industry available at The Cow Sense Corral (


3100 ‘O’ Street • Suite 7

Lincoln, NE 68510



Global Livestock Management Systems’ Cattle Pro™


Generations of beef cattleman are using CattlePro™ to crunch numbers, keep records including vaccinations and dosages, and produce reports to maximize their herd management and analysis. The six easy-to-navigate versions of CattlePro™ are used in 50 states and over 30 countries.  The standard reports include inventory tracking, animal performance, breeding history, animal purchases, sales and much more The company offers a 30-day free trail with 30-day money back guarantee, plus the ability to use the same system on two computers.


• Logical display options with access to all animal files on Add/Edit screen

• Multi-Record Functions allow automatic updates to all cattle records selectively or by groups

• Color-coded pedigree tree tracking for purebred customers plus EPDs

• Palpation record with notes for results

• BIF-based weights and measures calculation fields plus contemporary grouping of animals

• Reports and fields to customize individual operations

• Scale interface

• Animal photographs

• Service and support


1725 Dryden Road

Sadieville, KY 40370






The developers of CattleWorks are experienced cattlemen, so it stands to reason that they know what their fellow cattlemen are looking for when it comes to software.  CattleWorks is designed to be both simple and effective, allowing you to analyze information on aspects of your operation like overall herd and animal health, productivity, and profit potential.


• 30-day free trial available as download or CD

• Detailed on-screen help manual

• Walkthroughs of different features on their website

• Enter an unlimited amount of animals into your records

• Customizable reports

• ID #s for each animal in your operation

• Sections: Farm Setup, Cattle Entry, Cow/Calf Reports, and General Reports

• Animals stay in your database even if deceased or sold


5411 Dishner Valley Road

Bristol, VA 24202




CattleXpert™ LLC.


Even though the product line covers major needs for managing the feed yard, CattleXpert™ recognizes that not everyone has the same management practices. The company’s goal is to work with you to analyze, define, and deliver solutions specific to your business, solutions that meet your requirements, and solutions that deliver to your bottom-line.  CattleXpert™ consists of a series of modules all optimized for specific areas of the feed yard. The modules are designed to work the way that feed yard management and personnel think so your business drives the use of the software, not the other way around.


• Single inventory management and feeding program

• Includes or works with FeedXpert™, MoveXpert™, VetXpert™, and MillXpert™

• Accessible remotely by consultants with specific security parameters

• Real time with back dating capabilities

• Optional feeding methods but all are fully integrated in one database

• Optional CattleXpertCentral (CXC) lets someone else do the books for you

• Customizable fields for your specific operation

• 24/7 support


20507 Nicholas Circle • Suite 100

Elkhorn, NE 68022

Support: 866-613-2869



Lion Edge’s Ranch Manager(Cattle edition)


Whether you’re keeping records on a laptop, desktop or PDA in the field, Ranch Manager can help manage your operation.  Designed as a complete livestock management system for the modern livestock business, Ranch Manager® assists with cattle breeding plans, pedigree history, inbreed detection, average daily gain, feeding plans, and the life history of your livestock operation.  Sort, filter, search, and navigate to retrieve, view and print data.  Purebred modules allow specific EPD data entry for Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Simmental, Salers, Brangus, Braford, Limousin, and Gelbvieh cattle breeders. A default purebred module is available to enter the most common EPDs for other breeds. Ranch Manager® lets you store records for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, deer, elk, alpaca, llama and dogs -or any combination of these - for your operation.


• Track various IDs and animal traits

• Picture pedigree with inbreed detection

• Breeding planner

• Record income & expenses to create profit and loss statements

• Unlimited herd size

• Actions to multiple animals (treatments, sales, etc)

• Customizable search, views and filters    

• Animal body score, animal measurements and weights

• Compatible with Windows XP and newer; Mac platforms


7663 S. Duquesne Way

Aurora, CO 80016

Fax: 303-699-5485



EZ-Ranch Cattle Management Software


EZ-Ranch was designed specifically for the livestock owners who keep track of their own expenses, income and livestock. This program will replace those boxes of receipts you have cluttering your house or office now with itemized profit and loss and livestock tracking. According to their website, EZ-Ranch software has been used successfully by several livestock owners that previously never even turned on a computer. 


• Design your own categories

• Create itemized reports

• Pre-designed Schedule F-1040 categories!

• 24-hour support

• Different versions to fit your needs

• Manual and screen shots on website

• Designed for ease of use

• Search and sort data on your herd

888-EZRANCH (397-2624)

1 South Main Street

McAlester, OK 74501