Supreme International Celebrates 60 Years

Published on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 2:17pm

Built on a foundation and tradition of trust with its many agricultural customers, Supreme International is proudly celebrating 60 years of providing products that have literally revolutionized the livestock feeding industry.  Holding to the philosophy that the company is driven by farmers, Supreme International has built a sound reputation based on its willingness to ask its customers, livestock producers, to provide input into what they believe is important in their livestock feeding operation. With that input, Supreme International engineers and design team continue to produce cutting edge technology that enable livestock producers to feed their cattle more efficiently allowing them to lower their feed costs and improve their gains.

Company History
The company history dates back to the early 1950s, starting out as Alberta Engineering Limited then forming Alteen Distributors 20 years later, to then become Supreme International Limited in 1992. The company has a deeply rooted history in the agriculture industry introducing many new products to the North American market including discs, rakes, combines, feeders, mixers, hammer mills, manure wagons, balers and tillers. Today, Supreme International provides the most advanced and reliable vertical feed processors in the industry.

The original founder was involved in the company until June of 2007 when at the age of 79 decided to retire and hand over the reigns and sell the company to Jeannette Guertin. Jeannette had been involved with the company prior to the purchase for more than 10 years and brought with her 30+ years of business experience. Supreme continues to be a family-run company and is home based in rural Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

There are 95 people employed at the company, with 75 percent of the factory staff representing Journeyman trades and Apprentices. This demonstrates the high level of skill, which is reflected in the quality of our products. More detailed information can be found at
In May of 2008, Supreme International expanded its operation to the United States with the purchase of a 9,000 square foot assembly facility located in Dodge City, KS. This expansion was in response to the trending of an increased demand for better quality and larger equipment for feeding cattle in both dairy and feedlot.

Today, Supreme International Limited is a “World Class” organization that serves its customers in the Middle East, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hungary and all across the USA and Canada. Supreme has become the benchmark for quality throughout the world and the name Supreme has become synonymous with the words performance and reliability.

Top Selling Products
Built to last, Supreme International offers a wide range of superior quality mixers designed to meet the specific needs of its customers: pull type mixers (14 options), truck mount mixers (10 options), stationary mixer and enviro processors.

In February of 2012, Supreme International announced the newest member of its feed processor lines with the Segue TMR, a series of mixers that offer a great mix at an ideal price point for small and mid-size operations. Its patented auger design offers timely, accurate mixing, designed with sound, field-tested principles.

Kevin Graham, Vice President of Supreme International, has this to say about meeting the needs of the company’s customers. “We strive to offer the best products and customer service in the industry. Our customers work 365 and so do we. It is all about a long-term partnership towards success. Understanding customers’ needs and being able to provide them with a quality products they can rely on is why Supreme International has been successful in the agricultural business for over 60 years.”

So, what do cattle producers have to say about Supreme International Limited’s vertical processors? JR Hoogland, owner of Hoogland Dairy in Maurice, IA has owned Supreme mixers for 15 years. When he bought his first one, a 500s, there were only two others in northwest Iowa. Now, 15 years later, Supreme mixers can be found throughout the area. From that first 500s, Hoogland then moved to a 900t and then a 600t. Now in 2013, he has ordered another 600t and the 900t Anniversary Edition. “I have found the Supreme mixers to be trouble free and they have good reliability and consistency for the cows. There may be no such thing as a perfect mixer wagon, but Supreme is the closest thing to it. ”

Dean Swager of Swager Farms in Buhl, ID has been a loyal Supreme International customer for the past 13 years. “We like the uniform mixing, quality of feedout, longevity of the machines. We especially like the hydraulic oil testing program.” Although Swager appreciates the Performance Guarantee, he has found that support from Supreme International is there long after the warranty runs out.”

Finally, Phillip, another satisfied owner, says, “I have owned and operated our Supreme mixer since December 2003, and I haven’t had one issue with it. There have been no breakdowns, and I just changed the knives last summer. The thing about the Supreme is that it’s consistent; from one end of the bunker to the other, the mix is the same throughout, and when combined with quality feed there is definite increase in production and buttermilk, and it’s a feed that the cows love. All the other colonies with Supremes have had the same results, and I wouldn’t mix without it. There is nothing but good things about the machine, and especially the great service that I have received, from the custom design to support throughout.”
Graham shares the importance of meeting the needs and supporting producers who invest in a product from Supreme International. “We strive to offer the best product and customer service in the industry, being the first to manufacture the Vertical Feed Mixer in North America has allowed us to emerge as a leader in the agricultural business not just in North America, but worldwide.”

Performance Guarantee
Knowing that the farm producer expects and demands results, Supreme International has developed its vertical feed processors to do the following:

•All in one solution for proper TMR management – First, it is a powerful feed cutter that allows you to accurately process all types of roughage into uniform lengths of 1” to 6”. Next, it is a thorough feed mixer that blends your feed and feed additives into a single, uniform ration without grinding or damaging the feed. Finally, it is an efficient feeder that allows you to discharge ration in even, measured amounts for unparalleled control of your feeding operations.

• Reduce down time and repair costs – Simple, professionally engineered designs, minimal moving parts and premium quality components. That means more durable, longer lasting machines that deliver reduced downtime and fewer maintenance related costs down the road.

• Achieve a higher quality feed – Not only do Supreme Feed Processors cut material uniformly, they cut it cleanly, so you don’t lose food value due to shattered stems and leaves. What’s more, the mixing action is gentle and accurate so that feed and additives are thoroughly blended, not ground together. The result is a more uniform, more palatable, healthier feed mixture that your animals won’t separate.

• Reduce total capital investment cost – Because a Supreme Feed Processor cuts and mixes the feed all in one machine, it eliminates the need for additional processing equipment, thus reducing the total capital investment cost.Supreme’s extremely efficient auger design requires far less horsepower to accomplish the same work as comparable mixers, which translates into reduced fuel costs.

• Reduce processing time by up to 50 percent – Every Supreme comes standard equipped with the Supreme Patented Auger design. Employing four separate Auger patents, the Supreme will cut and mix material simultaneously and can reduce your daily workload by up to 50 percent over most other vertical mixers, while still delivering the most accurate and thoroughly mixed ration in the industry. Over the course of a year, these speed and accuracy advantages will translate into substantial savings in time, labor, fuel, and feed costs, providing a handsome return on your investment.

• Cut and process most difficult materials – Supreme’s patented vertical auger design gives you unbelievable performance in even the most difficult of materials, including 100 percent roughage and frozen or spoiled material. You will be able to process all types of silage and haylage, any size of round or square bale, and efficiently blend them without worrying about placing undue stress on the machine.
At the same time, competition is fierce in the manufacturing and marketing of vertical feed processors, so Supreme International has developed a performance guarantee that takes all of the risk out of the hands of the livestock producer.  In their words, “We have decided to put our money where our mouth is.”
Now that’s a strong testimony to Supreme International’s confidence in its products and customer satisfaction. As Supreme International celebrates its 60th anniversary, Jeannette Guertin, President, says, “We acknowledge and remember the past, we celebrate the present and we look forward with excitement to the future!”

As it always has, Supreme International believes that a farmer is driven by passion, quality and years of tradition…Supreme International is driven by farmers! 

Here is the Performance Guarantee:
If the Supreme Processor does not perform as our factory staff state to you, based upon our understanding of your requirements as per your completed Performance Guarantee Questionnaire, Supreme International Limited will refund your total purchase price excluding finance charges.

Additional information includes the following:
For this Performance Guarantee to be in effect, we require that the Performance Guarantee Questionnaire be completely filled out prior to purchase and returned to our office for approval. Upon receipt of your completed Warranty Card we will forward a signed and sealed Performance Guarantee to you. If we cannot resolve a reported problem in the operation of the Supreme Processor, Supreme International Limited will refund your total purchase price upon return of the machine. This policy is in effect for one (1) year from purchase or date of initial use.