Technology Improves on Tradition: Introducing Ranchmate™ Wire Fencing Products

Published on Thu, 06/20/2013 - 3:46pm

Everybody knows the old saying “good fences make good neighbors.” Ranchers, of course, know that good fences do a heck of a lot more than make good neighbors. Good fences help us keep our very livelihoods secure. Most of us learned the time-honored tradition of fence building and mending from our fathers and grandfathers, who learned it from the generations that came before them. But the truth is – the world of ranch and farm wire fencing – from smooth wire to barbed wire to electric wire – hasn’t seen much improvement over the decades. Until now. Ranchmate™, an innovative new line of wire fence construction and repair products, has set about to change the old ways of doing things. Developed and manufactured in the U.S., by Preformed Line Products®, Ranchmate is brand new to the market – but the technology it uses is tried and true.

Founded in 1947, Preformed Line Products (PLP) is an international designer and manufacturer of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, high-speed cross-connect devices, fiber connectivity components, structured cabling solutions and photovoltaic system components and enclosures - across the country and around the globe.  “Ranchmate capitalizes on our proprietary technology and brings it to American farmers and ranchers,” says Ryan Ruhlman, manager of new business development and marketing communications for PLP.

With the new line of Ranchmate products, which just launched earlier this year, ranchers and farmers are now able to construct and repair high tensile, barbed wire and electric fencing in the same manner that utility lineman have constructed and repaired overhead conductor lines for decades.  “Ranchmate is stronger, more durable, and measurably superior to anything else on the market,” Ruhlman explained.  “And Ranchmate makes it so easy to construct or mend a wire fence that almost anyone – of any age – can do it.“

Ranchmate products can be used with both smooth and barbed wire fencing.  The core products in the line are fence repair splices and patented dead-end terminations.  In a typical repair, the only tools needed to fix a broken wire fence with Ranchmate are your own two hands and the fence wire itself.  The splices are used to reconnect any broken or cut wire.  The dead-ends are designed to create a secure loop around a post or create a radius around a corner post.  Both splices and dead-ends are color-coded for specific gauges of wire.  When finished, there are no crimped or weakened wires.  In fact, the result is a splice that is much stronger than the original fencing wire and the repair will likely outlast the fence itself.

What makes PLP’s splices and dead-end terminations so unique is their preformed technology.  Before being used, the splices and dead-ends look as though they are already wrapped around an invisible core.  When the splices and dead-ends are applied to wire, they follow their preformed shape, locking tightly in place and creating a solid rod-like connection.

The splice and dead-end terminations are made from Class 3 or higher galvanized steel that won’t crack or rust.  The splices come in sizes to match any fence wire gauge from 12.5 to 18 gauge barbed wire or 9 to 2.5 gauge smooth wire.  Dead-end terminations match a wide variety of barbed and smooth wire gauges as well as insulated and non-insulated wood posts and T-Posts. 

“The insulated dead-end terminations in both fence post and T-post configurations are designed with the same technology used on power lines around the world,” says Ruhlman.  The H Brace Termination is easy to install and eliminates the need for twitch sticks, gripples, or excessive wrapping of the wire to maintain tension at electric fence termination locations.

“When farmers and ranchers try our products, they ask where we’ve been all their lives,” Ruhlman said. “We’ve actually been around for almost 70 years.  Just look up as you’re driving down the road and you’ll probably see our company. Chances are good that the hardware on that utility pole was designed and manufactured by Preformed Line Products.”

Ranchmate’s mission is to become the industry standard in how wire fences are built and repaired all across America.  “Not only are our products an excellent value, they are easier to use and significantly – and measurably – more durable than anything else out there.  They’re designed to last for generations,” Ruhlman says.

Not only are Ranchmate’s wire fence repair and construction products innovative, but their accessories are also unique.  For example, the company offers a line of very creative and highly visible three dimensional, all weather “posted” signs.  Sold under the 3D Post™ brand, the signs can be attached to a wooden post, tied to a chain link fence or slipped over a T post to give a very effective “posted”, “no trespassing” or “no hunting” notice that is viewable from nearly any angle and almost impossible to miss. 


Ranchmate’s work gloves are another product worth mentioning.  Available in a variety of styles and cuff lengths, these gloves are form fitting 100 percent full-grain cowhide and made in the USA.   Other accessories include a one-person single bar fence stretcher, fence clip tie bars for installing and removing t-post clips, and a simple dispenser for coiled wire.

As part of PLP’s commitment to American’s ranchers and farmers – those working today and those who will do so in the future – the company is supporting The National FFA Organization® (formerly Future Farmers of America).  With officially licensed products of the organization, every sale of Ranchmate products directly supports FFA, which works to promote and enhance agricultural education.

“We believe that Ranchmate products will change wire fencing forever.  We’re happy that we can make life just a little easier for farmers and ranchers,” said Ruhlman.  “And we’re proud that our products help to protect their investments – all across the country.”

Ranchmate products are available at farm, hardware and other retail stores and suppliers across the country.  To learn more about Ranchmate products and see why it’s called “fencing with a twist ®,” visit to view the products, watch instructional videos or request information. For a limited time, introductory kits are available online at



How to repair broken fence wire with Ranchmate splices:

A New Twist on Wire Fencing Repair


With Ranchmate™, not only will your repair be quick and easy, it will be as strong as your original fence wire – if not stronger – and it will last for generations. Have a look at how easy it is:


1 Pull ends of fence wire together so ends are no more than 1/16" apart, do not overlap - note color mark on splice.


2 Begin at color mark and twist first leg of splice onto wire - twist splice until it snaps into place securely holding wire.


3 Align second leg using color crossover mark at center - begin twisting second leg of splice into first leg of splice.


4 Continue twisting both ends until splice is in place and securely holding wire ends.


5 Roll thumb over ends to be sure all ends of splice are snapped securely into place.


6  Now your Ranchmate splice is complete and you have a strong, durable fence repair.



Paying It Forward


As an official licensee of The National FFA Organization® (formerly Future Farmers of America), Ranchmate is proud to play a part in moving agricultural education forward.

Founded in 1928, the FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Today, the FFA is expanding the nation’s view of “traditional” agriculture and finding new ways to infuse agriculture into the classroom.

Ranchmate embraces this spirit of innovation and the tradition of integrity – by creating superior fencing products to make farm and ranch life easier and safer and by supporting a strong future for our nation’s agriculture. 

Ranchmate products are perfect for FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Programs such as: Agribusiness, Agriscience, Equine Marketing and Fence Building.  SAE Programs have no gender restrictions and no tools are required. Ranchmate welcomes inquiries from school advisors and administrators who would like more information. 

When you purchase Ranchmate products, you are supporting the FFA.  And you show your support, too, right on your fence, with Ranchmate FFA logo Fence Flappers.


For more information about FFA, visit