Whats In Your Meat - Traceable Meat

Published on Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:59am

When you sit down to enjoy a delicious steak hot off the grill, you might have wondered about the genetics, feed or the farmland from where your meat came, only for these things to remain a mystery. Now in this ever-changing world of technology, the time has come that you can know every aspect of the meat you’re going to enjoy. Starting in October, there will be technology called Traceable Meat™ that will allow you to trace your meat from farm to table from your smartphone.  The process uses a simple QR code and will give consumers access to genetic traceability for each and every piece of meat, including bloodlines and origins. Everyone using the Traceable Meat™ app will be assured that the meat they are eating is healthy and delicious.

Whether you know it or not, you may have been missing out on experiencing meat that is more flavorful and healthy. Now, when you look for the Traceable Meat™ logo in grocery stores and on restaurant menus, you’ll be confident that your meat is 100% traceable – from farm to table.

“What’s in your meat” can be answered with a simple app: Traceable Meat™. Available on smartphones, this app provides the most comprehensive information available in a fast, innovative way that helps consumers make more knowledgeable decisions about the meat they’re buying, cooking, serving or enjoying in restaurants.

Pioneers in the Traceable Meat™ movement are George Callen, of Kings High Ranch, LLC, and Grant Robinson, Cane Ridge Cattle Co.  “For over a century, the United States Department of Agriculture’s meat grading system served as the guide for different cuts of meat and this grading system was broad and subjective, Robinson said. “Today, Traceable Meat™ sets new standards for the best and most complete and objective information available, including cattle breed, registration, origin, location, diet, age, inspection processes and grading. For professionals and consumers, Traceable Meat™ is the best way to have 100 percent assurance of the safety and quality of your meat.”

“Traceable Meat™ was founded on innovation and excellence – where the latest technological advances help redefine and raise the quality of meat,” Robinson said. “Through husbandry techniques and leveraging advancements in technology, Traceable Meat™ brings the finest meat to restaurant and home chefs and provides the answer: ‘What’s In Your Meat?™”

While information is important, creating a better way to deliver the information in a format that is easy to access and easy to use was a goal that was achieved through Traceable Meat™.

“Another benefit of using this app, is to encourage interaction and educate people about the important resources available to them,” Callen explained. “The Traceable Meat™ app helps make consumers aware of the journey the meat takes - from farm to table.” The innovative use of scanning QR codes delivers data that empowers and informs the consumer in only a few simple steps. 

The requirements of ranchers and farmers participating in Traceable Meat™ translate into an assurance consumers get the best, most healthy product on the market. In a world where it is standard to cut corners and irresponsible cost savings result in sub standard products, Traceable Meat™ is the guarantee of healthy, flavorful, superior quality.

Meeting the desire of consumer safety standards and delivery to quality product, Traceable Meat™ maintains the high standards of genetic excellence, strong nutritional elements, environmental safety and humane processing to produce a top-tier product.

Professional chefs, home cooks, shoppers and diners want to know the sources and content of what’s in the meat they’re preparing and consuming.  It’s a simple question and the answer is now available – in a reliable manner and at your fingertips. Traceable Meat™ provides the most scientifically reliable and accurate system for tracing every piece of meat to ensure that the quality of meat purchased at a grocery store or restaurant is truly the best meat.

To consumers – both professional and home chefs – Traceable Meat™ is your guarantee that the meat you are buying is 100 percent domestically produced meat from trusted farmers. It is beef that carries the consistent meat characteristics renowned for superior taste, tenderness and marbling. Traceable Meat™ enables you to know you have the highest quality assurance regarding our products.

Debuted in late August at the American Wagyu Association meeting in Stowe, Vermont, Traceable Meat™ met with rave reviews from ranchers of all types of meat.  One attendee said, “this product is long overdue and exactly what we all need for our farm.” 

If you are interested in hearing more about how Traceable Meat™ can be used for your ranch, please email us at info@traceablemeat.net, call us at (409) 739-8336 or message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/traceablemeat.  Many of you have tracking processes in place and we can create a simple process to upload your data so you can be part of the Traceable Meat™ family.  We are happy to provide you with a free demonstration and answer any questions. Traceable Meat™ will be available starting in October.  Contact us today to find out more about this revolutionary product!