Locust Hill Farm

Operation Descritpion:  Locust Hill Farm is dedicated to making high quality agricultural products. Our moto "Quality From The Ground Up. " says it all. From our Horses to our Cattle, it all starts with quality pasture and quality forage. When it comes to cattle we are a seedstock source dedicated to producing the most poductive cattle we can. We do this by using proven genetics, as well as up and comming genetics, that we feel will improve the performance of our herd. We focus on Production and Fertility. Our goal is to produce cattle that perform and look good doing it. We like our bulls to look like bulls and our females to still have femininity. The two breeds that we have chosen to focus on are Angus and Hereford. We believe that the strengths of both breeds will help us provide our customers with the genetices that they need. We provide good looking, productive cattle that will produce and help you put money in your pocket. Cattle for the Cattleman. As for forage we treat our fields and rotate varieties of grasses to ensure that there are no weeds and we make the highest quality forage we can possibly make. All of our square bales are sold with a forage report for the customer, because we believe that you should receive the best! The customer will also know exactly what they are feeding thier animals.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Michael Webert
Phone Number(s):  703-906-4667
Address:  P.O. Box 247
City:  Middleburg
State / Province:  Virginia
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  20118