Prime Lowline Angus

Operation Descritpion:  Lowline Angus Full-Bloods are 100% Aberdeen Angus, bred shorter (ie lowline) to develop a compact breed of cattle that tops out at roughly 36”- 49” instead of standard sized at 62” and taller. They also deliver a greater yield, the actual pounds of retail product per acre. In exchange for shorter height, compact form and decreased back-fat these beef cattle have less waste, which results in an exceptional high percentage of quality meat. At Prime Lowline Angus we focus on producing animals for the quality of their meat in addition to a mild temperament. In addition to the Full-Bloods of the breed we also produce Purebred and Percentage lowlines, which are lowlines that have been crossed with standard stock and bred down over several generations, to capitalize on the Full-Blood Lowline benefits.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Jim Crawford
Phone Number(s):  707-494-5763
Address:  11750 Old River Road
City:  Hopland
State / Province:  California
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  95449