Snyder Bros Angus

Operation Descritpion:  Snyder Bros. focuses its program around breeding bulls that will transmit calving ease, high performance, superior carcass traits, and moderate mature size. Within those parameters we strive to improve carcass quality, fertility, structural correctness and maternal ability. Snyder Bros. runs a commercial cow herd and have fed out our own calves for many years, so we've always had to balance the needs of the cow-calf man and the feeder. The goal for our commercial herd is to profitably produce calves that will reach an acceptable market weight and grade at 12 to 14 months of age from a cow herd that runs on grass and cornstalks with a minimum of hay. During calving season, the commercial cows get checked once a day. They either calve on their own or they're gone. The goal of the purebred herd is to produce bulls that will make the commercial herd meet its goal. As a consequence, Snyder Bros. continues to strive for efficiency through rapid growth to a year of age, but will not accept an increase in birth weight or mature size in order to gain more performance. We have identified an elite group of sires that offer the industry notable improvements in performance and carcass traits while maintaining low birth weight and moderate mature size.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Bruce Snyder
Phone Number(s):  866-663-1162 308-239-4640
Fax:  308-239-4728
Address:  1505 Rd East 120
City:  Paxton
State / Province:  Nebraska
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  69155