Vollmer Angus Ranch

Operation Descritpion:  Vollmer Angus Ranch Mission Statement: "To produce high quality Angus cattle that strive and thrive in the realistic but harsh environment of the Dakota's. We desire to breed cattle of outstanding phenotype, structure, and genetic excellence that runs deep into the pedigree ancestry. We insist that the cattle of this nature survive on minimal inputs while producing a palatable end product through the conversion of forage. It is extremely important that the cattle be reproductively efficient enabling them to be a sound financial investment."
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Allen Vollmer Troy Vollmer
Email:  var@bektel.com
Phone Number(s):  701-943-2691 701-943-2431
Fax:  701-943-2681
Address:  40103 353rd St NE
City:  Wing
State / Province:  North Dakota
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  58494