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The Cattle Breeders Directory contains over 300 cattle breeders from across the United States, Canada and Mexico. If you are looking for a cattle breeder or looking for cattle for sale, this directory is a good place to find what you need. You can filter listings by breed or by state and you may click on the table headers to order the listing any way you choose.

The Beefmaster breed originated in 1954 based on a 3-way cross between Hereford, Shorthorn and Brahman cattle. Their founder, Tom Lasater, selected these cattle on the “Six Essentials” of disposition; fertility, weight, conformation, milk production, and hardiness.
Today's Beefmaster breeders continue to strive for the standard of excellence expressed in these six essentials. They also select for calving ease, fast early growth, moderate frame, easy fleshing ability and longevity. Strictly adhering to the Lasater six essentials will make that success easier and faster to accomplish.

Farm/Ranch City State / Provincesort icon Breed Type Phone
Moultrie Meadows Woodbury Georgia Beefmaster Cattle 706-553-9886
Schell Ranch Covington Georgia Beefmaster Cattle 770-787-5272
Hannah Bar Ranch Maurice Louisiana Beefmaster Cattle 337-898-2530
Priola Beefmasters Lake Charles Louisiana Beefmaster Cattle 337-855-7822
Bettis Farms Warne North Carolina Beefmaster Cattle 404-642-4275
Wild Oaks Farms Mulberry Arkansas Beefmaster Cattle 972-679-9898
CJ Jones Beefmasters Savannah Tennessee Beefmaster Cattle 731-925-0367
Hart Country Farm Maryville Tennessee Beefmaster Cattle 865-379-2264
Circle Seven Beefmasters Angleton Texas Beefmaster Cattle 979-922-1566
Crocker Beefmasters Grand Saline Texas Beefmaster Cattle 903-962-4820
Dunn Ranch Beefmasters Navasota Texas Beefmaster Cattle 936-825-2886
Elm Lake Beefmaster Cattle Riesel Texas Beefmaster Cattle 254-875-2551
Howeth Farm Beefmaster Cattle Shepherd Texas Beefmaster Cattle 936-628-6972
Isa Cattle Company San Angelo Texas Beefmaster Cattle 325-949-3763
K5 Ranch Hallettsville Texas Beefmaster Cattle 281-787-0068
L2 Beefmasters Beeville Texas Beefmaster Cattle 361-358-2342
McAllen Ranch Edinburg Texas Beefmaster Cattle 956-383-1960
NSD Beefmaster Willis Texas Beefmaster Cattle 281-468-0128
Seven Ponds Ranch Midlothain Texas Beefmaster Cattle 972-567-3528
Wheeler Ranch Beefmasters Cleveland Texas Beefmaster Cattle 281-592-8866