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Braunvieh is a German word which translated into English means Brown Cow. Their hair is various shades of brown, predominately mousy brown, but ranging from light brown with gray to very dark brown. The border of the muzzle is very light, as is the poll, and often a lighter colored dorsal stripe is seen. The udder and inside of the legs and underline also being the lighter shade. A darker, smokier shading is often evident around the shoulders and neck compared to the rest of the body. The switch of the tail is dark brown to black. The skin is pigmented, the muzzle is black, and the hooves are dark and very hard.


Body weights range from 1,100 to 1,500 pounds for adult females and 2,000 to 2,500 pounds for adult males. Steers at optimum slaughter weight are 1,300 pounds at 13 months of age.
The Braunvieh is a well-muscled animal with correct feet and legs, due to generations of natural selection in the Swiss Alps.


Braunvieh are known as a balanced breed, possessing body confirmation for optimum physiological performance. This and the fact that their hair is sleek and fine in warm weather and can grown heavy in response to extended cold weather makes Braunvieh adaptable to different environments.


The physical characteristic that this breed is rapidly becoming noted for is the carcass traits that are needed to carry the beef industry into the next century. Braunvieh sired steers have consistently hung up top carcasses all around the country including renowned steer test like The Great Western Beef Expo, Sterling, Colorado, Beef Empire Days, Garden City, KS, and Texas A&M Ranch to Rail program.

Farm/Ranch City State / Province Breed Type Phone
2 Bar Rockin K Yancey Texas Braunvieh Cattle 830-741-8390
A.W. Thorne Land & Cattle Inc Adair Oklahoma Angus Cattle, Braunvieh Cattle, Chianina Cattle, Maine Anjou Cattle, Simmental Cattle 918-783-5477
Bagley Farms Cohutta Georgia Braunvieh Cattle 706-280-7733
Bluebonnet Braunvieh Chatfield Texas Braunvieh Cattle 903-345-2243
Breshears Farm Halfway Missouri Braunvieh Cattle 417-445-2377
Brink Livestock Piedmont Kansas Braunvieh Cattle 620-583-5226
Darkside Braunvieh Peculiar Missouri Braunvieh Cattle 816-590-6056
Diamond N Braunvieh Norfolk Nebraska Braunvieh Cattle 402-649-1673
Elk River Braunvieh Fayetteville Tennessee Braunvieh Cattle 931-425-6361
H & E Braunvieh Hoisington Kansas Braunvieh Cattle 620-653-9935
Indian Mound Farm Mt Sterling Kentucky Braunvieh Cattle 859-498-6296
J & L Braunvieh Okemah Oklahoma Braunvieh Cattle 918-623-1681
La Muneca Cattle Co Linn Texas Brahman Cattle, Braunvieh Cattle, Simbrah Cattle 956-802-1641
Massey Farm Malvern Arkansas Braunvieh Cattle 501-332-8528
McBee Cattle Company Fayette Missouri Braunvieh Cattle 660-248-9963
MJ Cattle Company Encampment Wyoming Braunvieh Cattle 307-761-3331
Pella Farms Inc Adams Nebraska Braunvieh Cattle 402-788-2250
Ridgefield Farm LLC Brasstown North Carolina Braunvieh Cattle 828-837-6324
Rock Creek Braunvieh Fairbury Nebraska Braunvieh Cattle 402-300-0745
Rocking T Braunvieh McNeill Mississippi Braunvieh Cattle 601-798-1313