Char-Maine Ranching

Operation Descritpion:  At Char-Maine Ranching we raise purebred white, red, and black charolais. We were among the first few in the business to heavily pursue the red color in charolais cattle and a few years ago we decided to again take a big step and pursue the black color in our purebred cattle. The black charolais has developed through a partnership with HEJ Charolais. We are very excited about the MEN in BLACK and their potential impact for purebred and commercial ranchers. We have been raising purebred Charolais cattle for over 20 years and over these years we have concentrated on improving the genetics of our herd.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Steve Quinton
Phone Number(s):  403-653-3914 403-653-7228
Address:  PO Box 1178
City:  Cardston
State / Province:  Alberta
Country:  Canada
Zip Code:  TOK OKO