Beef Cattle Associations

Aldermere Farm

Aldermere Farm, a landmark of midcoast Maine, is one of the world's premier breeders of Belted Galloway cattle. The 136-acre farm is owned and managed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a statewide land conservation organization dedicated to protecting the scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, ecological diversity, and working landscapes of the Maine coast. The Trust maintains Aldermere as a working farm and educational center, helping visitors deepen their appreciation for land conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Breed – Gelbvieh

Several societies for improved breeding of the cattle were founded. The societies aimed at improvement through standardizing the indigenous breed by selecting the best bulls, purebreeding for a single color and improvement of performance in work fitness and milk production. In 1897, the Breed Society for Yellow Franconia Cattle for Middle and Upper Franconia Cattle for Middle and Upper Franconia in Nurnberg was founded. It was followed by the Breed Society for Gelbvieh in Lower Franconia, based in Wurzburg and founded in 1899.

Since World War II, Germany used a stringent selection program to repopulate its cattle herds. Only three percent of the registered cows were used to produce potential bulls. These cows were selected on structural soundness and conformation. was founded to create an affordable, easy to use, feature-rich breeder and cattle sales promotion website geared toward the show cattle and the high performance breeding industries.

American Galloway Breeders Association

Galloways have it all: Structural Soundness, Udder Soundness, Moderate Frame Size, Docile Disposition, Fleshing Ability, Fertility, Mothering Ability, Adaptability to Environment, Convenience Traits, Strongly polled, Maximum Feed Efficiency.

American Angus Association

The American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association (name shortened in 1950s to American Angus Association) was founded in Chicago, Illinois, on November 21, 1883, with 60 members. The growth of the Association has paralleled the success of the Angus breed in America.

In the first century of operation, more than 10 million head were recorded. The Association records more cattle each year then any other beef breed association, making it the largest beef breed registry association in the world.

Beef Cattle Associations

Posted on 23 October 2009

The beef cattle associations directory is a listing of purebred and crossbred beef cattle associations in the US. Each association highlights and promotes the particular attributes that producers take into consideration when choosing a beef cattle breed. In this section you will find contact information for each association, accompanied with a brief summary of each breed's strengths and traits. Look in our Cattle Beef Breeders section to find farmers raising each breed and look in the Beef Cattle For Sale – Seedstock directory for breeding stock.

Beefmaster Breeders United

Today's Beefmaster breeders continue to strive for the standard of excellence expressed in these six essentials. They also select for calving ease, fast early growth, moderate frame, easy fleshing ability and longevity. Strictly adhering to the Lasater six essentials will make that success easier and faster to accomplish

American Simmental Association

The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our members. In turn, our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the beef industry. The highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products, which bring value to ASA members’ customers.

American Shorthorn Association

In 1822, the first herd book record was established by Shorthorn breeders called the Coates Herd Book. In 1846 The American Shorthorn Herd Book was the first to be published in this country for any breed, with the formation of the American Shorthorn Association (ASA) following 26 years later in 1872. Breeders from nine states formulated the organization, wishing to provide a service for its members and a way to record ancestry through the registration of Shorthorns. The ASA is one of the oldest American breed organizations in existence today.

American Bucking Bull Inc.

The Foundation for the Bucking Bull Industry.

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