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Breeder Profile: Leachman Cattle of Colorado

Leachman has selected bulls for feed efficiency and $Profit and then progeny tested the bulls to prove that the Leachman-generated EPDs accurately predict steer performance in the feedlot. Resolution is progeny proven to be high feed efficiency and high $Profit.

Can anyone really look at a cow or a bull and tell you if it will enhance the profitability of your cow herd? No, that’s why the industry has been performance testing cattle for almost 50 years. Performance testing in the early days was simply getting a birth weight, weaning weight, and yearling weight. Then sometime in the ’70s, breeders and researchers started going deeper and developed Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs), which changed everything.

An Analysis of a "Crossbred Bull 'Fix'"

We read with great interest last month’s article, “Crossbred bull fix’” by Miranda Reiman of Certified Angus Beef (CAB). The hypothesis of the article was that using composite (F1) bulls had a number of disadvantages compared to purebred bulls and straightbreeding. Her reasoning was that composites (F1): had unpredictable calf crops; less reliable EPDs, which included lack of genomics; and could not be purchased in bulk. I would like to address these points.

Lyssy Beefmasters

Purebred, quality Beefmasters. Sireing and doners.

Cottage Farms

Beef Cattle and sireing.

Klover Korners

Raises and sells Belted Galloway cattle. 

American Milking Shorthorn

Raises and sells American Milking Shorthorn.

Terry Kegley

Raises and sells Hereford Cattle.

Martens Gelbvieh

Raises and sells Gelbvieh.

Rausch Herefords

Sale and sireing of Herefords.

David Beck

Raises/sells cattle.

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