Beef Cattle Seedstock

Ohlde Cattle Company

The Basic Blacks registered Angus program began in earnest in 1986 with the purchase of an elite set of females. These cows met our stringent selection criteria for moderate size,
volume, superior fleshing ability, excellent udders with small teats, light birth weight and structural soundness. We also demanded older linebred performance pedigrees, excellent EPDs, and production records.

Producers Livestock

Premium Beef represents a unique set of programs and principles designed to enhance the performance and value of beef from the farm to the plate. We create relationships with producers and processors that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial. We believe that the continued evolution of our industry will bring about more coordinated efforts between all segments of the food chain. In an effort to add value to the work of all parties, win-win relationships will drive the future development of many food industry ventures.

Monarch Farm

The objective of our purebred cattle program is to produce purebred black Angus cattle that will work from pasture to plate by the use of the latest technology. Our cattle are raised under the harsh conditions of our deep southern Louisiana environment. Cattle doing well here will thrive in cattle programs farther north. Very high selection standards have been set for each Angus animal to remain in the Monarch program or to be sold to our customers as a registered purebred.

Heart River Ranch

We raise registered and commercial Red Angus cattle. We breed for balanced traits, emphasizing maternal traits such as fertility, longevity, milk and mother characteristics, and structural soundness. In addition we select for moderate birth weights and growth while maintaining a moderate cowherd size. We utilize an extensive AI and ET program, as well as carcass ultrasound. Spring sale is the first Tuesday of April in Medora ND. We are breaking tradition...our sale is one of the first of its kind...the cattle are on display outside of the Medora Community Center and the sale will be a video auction sale inside the comfort of the Medora Community Center.

O'Hare Ranch

We offer specialized heifer development services. Our goal is a bred replacement that will add quality to your herd. Our crew maintains high standards to continually improve the quality of bred replacements for our customers. We would like to supply you with your replacement heifers - bred the way you choose!! Our goal is to provide you with a HIGH quality bred heifer, that will calve with ease and be good mothers. Email us for information on adding quality bred replacements to your herd today!

Wilson Brothers Angus

Breeding quality cattle since 1966.

Summitcrest Farms

During the '70s '80s & '90s Fred and Henry Bergfeld continued to grow the ranches in size of cattle and quality. Fred’s two sons Sam and Jeff both took on full-time responsibilities with the company in the mid-1980s. Jeff took on the management of the Nebraska ranch farm and feedlot. Sam Johnson remained in Ohio and developed its financial and production systems.

Snake Creek Angus Ranch

At Snake Creek Angus Ranch we produce Angus cattle that put growth, carcass quality, maternal functionality and eye appeal together into one affordable package. We pride ourselves on having a different perspective on the seed stock business than most seed stock suppliers. Rather than listening to some breed association "Expert" or some college professor, our expertise has come through years of making a living feeding cattle out there in the real world where theories come attached to dollar signs.

SeedStock Plus LLC

Seedstock Plus started the new century dedicated to a simple notion: blaze a path to compete in the evolving beef industry which demands more volume, more predictability and more service. In order to achieve that, while still maintaining the independent family operations that each of our members represents, we committed ourselves to working cooperatively among ourselves and with reputable partners from other segments of the beef industry.

3C Christensen Ranch

36 years selling Simmental Bulls, nationally recognized herd for maternal values, calving ease, carcass traits and marketing topping heavy pay weights.

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