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Breeding For Improved Feed Efficiency

Breeding for feed efficiency can save $55/ cow/ year in feed costs, said Dr. John Basarab, University of Alberta, at the British Cattle Breeders Conference 2012, highlighting the importance of feed efficiency.  Feed efficiency is crucial, Dr. Basarab said, when you consider that 50-70 percent of production costs, whether it be for the cow-calf herd or in the feedlot are associated with feeding. In fact two thirds of the energy that cows consume is used only on maintenance.


Ridley Inc.

 Protein and mineral supplements for livestock and wildlife.

Central Feed Service Inc.

Animal feed, wildlife mix, bird seed.

Cereal Byproducts

Cereal by-products consisting mostly of offal from the milling of oats for human consumption, hominy feed from the milling of corn, alfalfa meal, ingredients to the mixers that produced finished feed

Kent Nutrition Group Inc.

The Kent Nutrition Group was created to better serve the evolving needs of specific customer segments and the animals they own. By focusing the feed division on commercial livestock productivity and country lifestyle animals, and pet products on companion animals,

Ridley Inc.

ULTRALYX® protein and mineral supplements help reach the returns producers demand. Compressed, composite or pressed blocks and loose minerals — ULTRALYX® allows the flexibility to deliver nutrients in a form that fits your economic and operational requirements. Designed to ensure weatherability and consistent, controlled intake, and priced economically to deliver optimum performance.

Cereal Byproducts

Farmers coop.

Kent Feeds Inc.

Kent Feeds continues to thrive as a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of animal nutrition products. A subsidiary of the Muscatine Foods Corporation, Kent Feeds remains part of a family owned network of companies including Grain Processing Corporation of Muscatine, Iowa, Precision Foods, of St. Louis, Missouri, and Blue Seal Feeds of Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Westway Feed Products LLC.

Westway Group is a leading global provider of bulk liquid storage and liquid animal feed supplements through its subsidiaries Westway Terminal Company LLC and Westway Feed Products LLC.

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