Cattle Feeding Equipment


Penta TMR was established in 1995. From the beginning, our concentration was solely on mixers. The first few years were spent rebuilding all makes and models and understanding the workings of TMR mixers. In 2000, production of the first Penta mixer began. We believe that with our experience in the vertical mixer market, we better understand what is needed to enhance each operation. We pride ourselves in the ability to work with our dealers and customers to build machines suited for each individuals needs. The diversity of our mixers can be seen in the custom designs being used in agriculture, commercial and other industries.

Kolster Welding Overhead Feed Bins

Kolster designs and builds Overhead Feed Bins.

Cattle Feeding Equipment

Posted on 23 October 2009

The cattle feeding equipment directory is a listing of manufacturers and dealers across the United States and Canada. Buying the proper cattle equipment to support your operation is essential and can be a very daunting task. This directory will provide a qualified list of businesses to contact and/or compare the best cattle feed equipment available that fits your operation and budget. Be sure to check the American Cattlemen Cattle Equipment News section for feed equipment news and the Cattle Videos section to see equipment in action.

Stull Feeders

Take control of feeding time and enjoy your own peaceful, easy feedin’ with an innovative Stull Feeder. Stull Feeders is family owned and operated. We are proudly based in Harrison, AR.

Harms Equipment Co.

Cattle Feeding Equipment Sales and Service

Parasal Mfg

Cattle Feeder, Bunks, Gates

Klene Pipe Structures

Klene Pipe Structures specializes in portable buildings, stall buildings and livestock feeders. Klene Pipe delivers products in 48 states and have many models to choose from to accommodate your needs.

Werkmeister Welding

Werkmeister Welding is a leading manufacturer of high quality cattle feeding equipment. Founded in 1982, we specialize in utilizing our over 45 years of agriculture related manufacturing knowledge to provide products that are unmatched in durability and strength.

Common Sense Mfg Inc.

This bale feeder, which holds the hay up off the ground, was such a hit that Melius went through the time and trouble, about two years, to get it patented. The distinctive design allows calves to eat from the bottom of the feeder rather than being unable to reach the hay or even getting caught in the middle of a traditional feeder.

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