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Stop Fly Breeding

Flies are notorious nuisance and public health pests because they have the ability to transmit serious pathogens to both humans and animals. These flies typically occur and breed in a variety of filthy areas, including manure, soiled bedding, spilled feed, garbage and other types of organic matter. One pound of manure can contain more than 1,500 fly maggots, so it is not hard to see how fly numbers can reach enormous proportions and threaten your livestock and workers. To prevent and reduce the instances of fly infestations, be sure to utilize the following best practices in your control plan:

Priefert A Legacy of Innovation.

Few families have influenced the livestock handling industry as significantly as the Priefert family from Mount Pleasant, Texas. For half a century, the Prieferts have been designing, building, and marketing cattle handling equipment, and, in the process, changing the way the American rancher handles cattle. Marvin Priefert founded Priefert Manufacturing in 1964 with the invention of the first fully front-opening headgate. 50 years later, Marvin’s son Bill, and his grandsons, Eddie, Nate, and Travis, still own and operate the family business, with the goal of continuing to improve upon the design and functionality of today’s livestock handling equipment.

BRITESPAN Building Systems: Living the Dream (one step at a time)

For 46-year-old Brian Weidner cattle producer and farmer near rural Newton, Illinois, he is living the dream of his childhood. “As a kid, I was always plowing in the sandbox,” Weidner says with a chuckle. “My dad always had livestock, and all I ever wanted to do was raise cattle and be a grain farmer.”

Keeling Cattle Feeders

 Keeling Cattle Feeders opened its doors in 1985. From the beginning, Scott Keeling, owner, has focused the business on excellent service and the personal care he would expect from his own cattle feeding endeavors. 
The entire staff at Keeling Cattle Feeders is determined to provide individual attention that is second to none and a feeding plan that is tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss plans for your own cattle feeding venture.

Coop Confinement Feedlot

Livestock Services

Flying A Ranch/Cattle Co.

Flying A Cattle Company's approach to custom feeding is based on two primary principles -- integrity and dedication. The integrity of our operation is obvious. You can trust the service we provide. Our dedication comes from years of experience. Now a century farm, Flying A is very knowledgeable in all aspects of custom feeding. Flying A uses this experience to engage in all classes of custom feeding, including a highly successful calf feeding program. We also have expertise in buying feeder cattle and selling slaughter cattle.

Ottawa County Feeders Inc.

This company profile is for the private company Ottawa County Feeders Inc, located in Minneapolis, KS. Ottawa County Feeders Inc's line of business is commercial cattle feed lot.

Mid-America Feed Yard

Mid-America Feed Yard provides custom finishing, grazing, growing, and backgrounding for cattle producers and investors. We convert feeder cattle into finished beef cattle that satisfy the demands of meat packers. To do this profitably, the cattle must have a fast, consistent rate of gain. With the different options available today to livestock producers you can count on our professional service, long term stability, and performance record.

Mead Cattle Company LLC

Grain-Dealers (Whls) , Cattle Feedlot, Grain & Field Bean Merchant Whls.

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