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It seems that cattle fencing is always a tedious job.  Not only if you are fixing fence does it probably mean you were chasing cattle in the not too distant past but it also means you will probably have to buy new fencing supplies, re-think the way the fence was originally designed or for larger jobs find labor to help you build back the fence properly.  To help create the best possible fence as quickly and affordably as possible see our list of some of the best cattle fencing resources out on the web.

Cattle Fencing Equipment

Posted on 23 October 2009

Cattle Fencing

The cattle fencing directory is a of listing manufacturers, dealers and livestock equipment suppliers across the U.S. and Canada that provide cattle fencing equipment and materials. Fencing and fence repair is a continuous battle in the cattle industry. Whether it be building a pasture fence, stringing an electric cattle fence or rebuilding a cattle feedlot, we have compiled a number of fencing products and companies that can provide the needed solutions for your cattle operation. 

Dare Products Inc

Dare Products:offers a full line of electric fencing equipment and other related agricultural products.

Beaver Creek Fencing

Manufactures cattle fencing.

PowerFlex Fence

Our main focus is primarily directed at grazing products. It seems that most manufacturers of electric fencing products have turned their attentions towards fancy packaging and marketing, while research & development have taken a back seat. We feel very strongly that hi-tensile electric fencing teamed up with some portable electric fencing is the best management tool a grazer can utilize. We are grazers ourselves and work directly with our grazing customers - rather than through a chain of farm stores with untrained sales personnel.

Linn Post & Pipe Supply Inc.

Linn Post & Pipe's continuous fencing makes ideal working pens, show barns, and lots for your cattle, horses and bison. This versatile, sturdy fencing is not only a working fence, but also an attractive, eye pleasing addition to your ranch or farmstead. There are no sharp corners or edges to injure your livestock.

Sunderman Mfg. Co.

Sunderman Manufacturing is proud to be a competitor in the livestock fencing industry.
Our products display years of development which is reflected in their quality. Installation is fast,easy and permanent. Browse our site for more information about our Box S Fence
systems then call today to place your order.

MUNRO Industries Inc.

Pilot Hole Digger and Post Driver Munro Digger Driver post-setting machines have won acclaim and enthusiasm of all who use them - ranchers & farmers, commercial fencers, and contractors.

Kahn Steel Co Inc.

Kahn Steel Co., Inc. is a steel and pipe distribution business built on 100 years of entrepreneurial spirit.
Our headquarters is located in Overland Park, Kansas. Our warehouse is located in Kansas City, MO along with a satellite office in Steamboat Springs, CO and Chicago, IL. We have distribution centers in California, Texas, Atlanta, and ongoing operations coast to coast.
Kahn Steel is a wholesale distributor of plates, bars, sheets, structurals, shapes, tube coils, pipe and tube.
We produce pipe coast to coast with a mill located in Kansas City, MO. We also serve the farm and ranch community by providing very competitive pricing on guardrail, and fence pipe & tubing.

Fence Master

Manufacturers of American-made electric fence chargers in Cherokee, Oklahoma. The Best American Made Electric Fence Charger. Fence Master Low-Impedance Electric Fence Chargers, Energizers, Controllers & Fencers.

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