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Shoot-N-The Bull - On Target Tips

Here is a program that I use on my herd of Red Poll cattle.  We artificially inseminate most of the cows and I use a super clean up bull on them afterwards to keep a short calving season.  My good friend and mentor Dr. Dan Schmiesing from St. Henry, Ohio helped me work out this program.  He is a veteran bovine reproductive specialist that worked with me to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.  I encourage others to work with their local veterinarian and livestock agent to make your breeding program successful too.

The first thing you should do is choose the date you want to start calving.  So figure when to breed your cattle and back the date back two weeks to start your Ova-Sync program.

Stockmen's Supply

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Stockmen's Supply

Posted on 28 March 2011

Stockmen's Supply, North Dakota Serving Your Animal Health Needs Since 1956

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