Continuing Education

Ranching In a World of Technology

Herd management — those two words are huge for cattle producers as they work to keep their business profitable. More than ever before, herd management has entered the field of technology with software programs designed to provide a record keeping system to track cattle and help producers make sound decisions. For many producers, these software programs can be daunting so it is important to choose one that is user friendly with built-in support that’s only a tap or phone call away. Over the years there has been no shortage of choices of herd management programs for ranchers and most of these have come and gone with hardly a handful withstanding the test of time. To cattle producers, time is money, so the question becomes “Which one?”

Graham School Inc.

Since 1909 The Graham School for Cattlemen has provided valuable continuing education in breeding and herd management to beef and dairy cattlemen. Students from around the globe have learned and perfected their management skills in artificial insemination, pregnancy testing, calf delivery, fertility testing, nutrition and herd health, just to name a few. Graham School students represent a cross-section of the cattle industry ranging from licensed veterinarians, seedstock producers, commercial producers, and feedlot employees. Each Graham School session consists of five days of intense classroom and "hands on" training in actual on-the-farm conditions. whether a student is new to the cattle business or a seasoned professional, the Graham School offers a diverse curriculum relevant in today's competitive and economically sensitive ranching climate

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