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Rhino Tool Company: Driven to Perfection, Driving T-Posts

For a cattle producer, building fence can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to driving miles of T-posts. Rhino Tool Company (, located in Kewanee, IL, has both a time and back saving answer to this problem! As a manufacturer of 11 models of post drivers, either air operated or gas powered, along with four different post pullers, Rhino Tool Company’s motto is “Driven to Perfection!” Established by Bob Martin in 1975, the business is now guided by Bob’s son James Martin.

Cover Story: Sexing Technologies,Sexing Semen: It's a New Era

Sex sorted semen has been a part of the dairy industry’s A.I. arsenal for more than a decade and is now making inroads into the beef industry as producers realize its ability to help maximize profits, minimize the variables that cause financial loss and improve the sustainability of their herds. Traditional knocks against sexed semen were that it cost more per straw than conventional semen and produced lower conception rates. But innovations developed by Texas-based Sexing Technologies are closing the price gap between sexed and conventional semen while minimizing the gap in conception rates as well.

Silo-King: Protect and Enhance your Feedstuffs

There are many obstacles to overcome when putting up quality hay, silage or fermented grains. These include: crop maturity, packing density, humidity, oxygen and plant moisture content. Silo-King®, a forage and grain treatment additive helps protect feedstuffs from these obstacles, while enhancing digestibility and feed efficiency.
There are two main goals when making fermented feeds: 1) rapid fermentation for maximum preservation of nutrients which happens at the beginning of fermentation; 2) providing a stable product during storage and feed out occurring at the back end of fermentation. Several different technologies are required to accomplish these goals from start to finish.

Jaylor TMR Corner:Fall Cow-Calf Feeding Opportunities

Traditionally, most cow-calf producers consider feeding total mixed rations (TMR) only during calving and early lactation, as well as perhaps, ideally, during late gestation. However, there are a number of other opportunities during the fall for supplemental feeding with a vertical TMR mixer that can be used to extend the grazing season, as well as improve calf health and growth performance post-weaning.

TMR Corner:Evaluating TMR mixer performance: testing mix uniformity

As previously stated “the objective of feeding a total mixed ration (TMR) is to provide a consistently uniform mix, with the intended ingredient and nutrient composition, across the entire length of the feedbunk with every batch.” And while a number of factors such as ingredient variability and moisture content, consistency of mixing procedures, operator error, and weighing system variability contribute to batch-to-batch variation, it is the characteristics of the mixer itself that essentially control within batch variation, and uniformity across the feedbunk. In this article we will discuss TMR mixer characteristics that affect mix uniformity and a sieving technique that can be used to evaluate it and make adjustments to improve animal performance.

REDI Driver: The Post Driver Cattlemen Trust

Cattlemen, would you like to have energy left after a day of driving pasture and range posts? Would you like to use the same drivers that commercial fence contractors use?
If you answered yes, then the REDI Driver is for you.
“Our customers spoke and we listened,” said Lorri Evans of REDI Driver, Inc. “Being fence contractors ourselves, we knew cattlemen had a need for a more versatile gas-powered post driver that didn’t limit them to a post size of only 2-3/8". Ranchers need to be able to drive posts from t-posts up to 2-7/8", all with one simple convenient driver, so we created the new REDI Driver Boss.”

Beef Industry Sustainability

Sustainability is a word we hear a lot in the beef industry these days. Some of the nation’s largest buyers of beef are heavily focused on the topic right now and I don’t think it’s a topic that will go away any time soon. You’ve no doubt heard McDonald’s plan to source verified sustainable beef by 2016. Walmart is also developing plans to ensure the sustainability of its beef supply chain.

Jaylor Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

With the Next Generation of TMR Mixers and New Line of Forage-Handling Attachments

Supreme International Celebrates 60 Years

Built on a foundation and tradition of trust with its many agricultural customers, Supreme International is proudly celebrating 60 years of providing products that have literally revolutionized the livestock feeding industry.  Holding to the philosophy that the company is driven by farmers, Supreme International has built a sound reputation based on its willingness to ask its customers, livestock producers, to provide input into what they believe is important in their livestock feeding operation. With that input, Supreme International engineers and design team continue to produce cutting edge technology that enable livestock producers to feed their cattle more efficiently allowing them to lower their feed costs and improve their gains.


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