Livestock Equipment

Cattle Chutes

The Cattlemaster 1100 M (manual) Chute from StrongHold Mfg. is the first ever manually operated, hydraulically squeezed chute available. Its unique design actually increases squeeze force 9 to 1, making it the one of the safest handling devices for cattle by providing a more secure hold, with vertical sides, (no taper) and squeezes perfectly parallel, with no fore or aft movement, from a wide 30” to a narrow sub-12” with no adjustments. Also new are the removable and infinitely adjustable vertical restraining bars on the inside that allow an operator to open one or both side doors and safely hold the animal in the chute even when squeezed.

Stockmen's Supply

Serving your animal health needs since 1956, We also carry livestock equipment, scales, supplements, feed, tack hardware and western clothing and boots.

Stockmen's Supply

Posted on 28 March 2011

Stockmen's Supply, North Dakota Serving Your Animal Health Needs Since 1956

Livestock Equipment Directory

Posted on 23 October 2009

The livestock equipment directory is a list of essential livestock supplies needed to sustain and enhance your current beef cattle operation. In today's fast moving, hi-tech cattle industry it is important that you stay informed on the newest and most cost effective products, equipment and ideas. For livestock equipment specific to the cattle industry check out all the categories in the Cattle Equipment and Services Directory.

Norac System

NORAC Systems International, founded in 1974, is a leading innovator in the control and weighing industries.

Express Scale Services Inc.

At Express Scale Services, Inc. our primary objective is to maintain a full service scale company that directs its talents and services to those industries who have scale requirements involved in manufacturing, packaging, quality control, shipping, and receiving. Our strategy is to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs for our customers.

Agricultural Scales Inc.

Agricultural Scales Inc. "Legal For Trade" Group Scale has been designed to weigh your animals quickly and easily regardless of animal movement. The scale is completely self-contained and constructed of heavy duty steel with the highest quality materials and designed to last many years, even in the toughest cattle working conditions. The Agricultural Scales Inc. "Legal For Trade" Group Animal Scale is delivered complete, there is no pit to dig, no cables to adjust, and no holes to drill. All that is required is a concrete slab to place the scale on and you can weigh in a matter of minutes.

Koehn Marketing Inc.

Koehn Marketing Inc. is a supplier of unique products for the livestock industry. We specialize in providing livestock handling equipment for cow/calf, beef and dairy cattle operations. From our Original Drive-Thru Electric Gates and “Rocky” Mineral Feeders to our latest “Rattle Paddles” we have products that will assist you in your daily general operations.

Elias Scale

Elias scales are a uni-body construction. Our own patent principle has no cable or friction points to wear or bind.

Cowco Inc.

Cowco, Inc. was formed to distribute and service quality, dependable, safe and easy to use cattle handling equipment.

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