Livestock Equipment

Hipke Welding LLC. / Eagle Designs

Professional Welding & Metal Work Stainless Steel • Aluminum • Steel

Parasal Mfg.

Livestock Equipment

J L Enterprises

Livestock handling equipment, including cattle chutes, livestock scales, circular tubs, portable chutes and tubs, working corrals, portable corrals, loading chutes and other livestock equipment.

Gertken Dairy Sales & Services

Portable Cattle Crowding Tub System with Scale Ready Floor Cattle Oilers, Calf Hutches & Head gates Creep Feeders & Self Feeders, Dairy & Beef Semen & Supplies.

Callicrate Banders

Humane Castration since 1991. Banding offers alternatives for later castration, faster gains and less stress. Delay castration to take advantage of faster, more efficient weight gains from intact bulls. Research indicates bulls typically gain 15% faster and convert feed 20% more efficiently than castrated steers, likely due to testosterone. Compared to traditional castration, the banding process is much easier and less stressful on animals.

Rostech/Rosgol Electronics

RosTech Electronics, established in 1967, is a leading CCTV (Closed-circuit television) systems manufacturer and supplier with offices in the US and Canada. We offer the latest in video surveillance equipment from armoured night vision color cameras to internet remote monitoring systems.

North Central Steel Co Inc.

North Central Steel offers farm equipment specializing in quality livestock feed mills, rolled mills as well as hoop buildings. We are authorized dealers for Renn Mills.

Scott Manufacturers

Scott Manufacturers is a family owned business, located in Nebraska.

We have provided quality proven products since 1968, manufacturing livestock equipment.

New Tec Inc.

New Tec Inc., founded 2004 in Sioux Center, Iowa, focuses on the development of innovative products which provide safe and efficient work situations. Here are four examples: The Calf Catcher Calf Corral protects farmers from overly aggressive mother cows while processing newborn calves. The calves can be caught and transported efficiently by one worker. The ATV Stock Trailer allows for the easy transport of small livestock and other items. Handee-Tredd Powered Appliance Cart allows for a single individual to transport appliances, water heaters, boilers, etc., up and down stairs with very little lifting. Shore Stepper Walking Boat Lift will "walk" into the desired location and back onto shore again. This eliminates the need to carry or have a third party install the boat lift at the beginning and end of the boating season. Our strengths are in the areas of engineering, design, and fabrication.

Filson Livestock Equipment

The first cattle chute was constructed in the backyard garage in 1946 by Ben Filson for someone that would like to have "something to hold cattle while working them." This chute was made of used odds and ends, pipe, one-way gears and other old metal, but it worked!! As time went on, Ben was asked to build a few more chutes for area farmers and ranchers. He expanded his sales territory by selling off the back of his truck at sale barns. In 1959, Gary joined his father and by this time a number of dealers had been established throughout the Midwest. As the cattle industry has changed, other livestock related equipment was added to production. Today, Filson's has a full line of equipment to meet the needs of cattlemen throughout the USA and also outside the United States.

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