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H & M Gopher Control

While baits, traps, shooting, blowing up burrows, and conventional low-pressure auto exhaust delivery systems all work, nothing is as effective, efficient and inexpensive to use as the PERC system. A single operator using the PERC system can treat moderately infested alfalfa fields at about 3.5 acres per hour. 

Flame Engineering Inc.

Flamer Company.


Terregena© Inc. is dedicated to bringing unique, state-of-the-art technologies and products to the agricultural, animal health and veterinary communities worldwide. Natural, organic pesticides that are effective, economical and free of toxins. Natural – animal, human and environmentally friendly.

Brubaker Grain

Brubaker Grain & Chemical, Inc. is a locally family owned corporation that was started in "1975". Darrell and Yvonne Brubaker started the business and they and their four sons Gary, Galen, Greg and Gene own and operate the company. Brubaker Grain & Chemical, Inc. has four separate Divisions located in West Alexandria, Farmersville, Collinsville, and Eaton, Ohio. Our company stores grain, manufactures and sells many different types of animal feeds, sells fertilizers, and retails many different types of agriculture related items from dog colliers to bug sprays.

Varmitgetter LLC.

Varmitgetter is the original remote control device for burrowing pests. Varmitgetter has sold thousands of units over the past 5 years world wide. The VARMIT getter is a device for controlling the populations of burrowing rodents, such as gophers, ground squirrels, moles and even badgers, thus greatly reducing the damage they cause to crops, irrigation systems, and landscaping. It is designed for efficiency on large acreages. No poisons are used, making it safe for organic applications. This method kills instantly by concussion so it is more humane than poisons or traps, for pennies a shot. Our device can be backfilled in tunnel systems/burrows, containing the concussion, and controlling the noise level. Making this device very cost effective to operate. If you hear a "bang" your losing 75% or more of your concussion kill. In sensitive areas, such as sidewalks, underground irrigation and foundations, there can be a suffocation method applied without ignition.

Bird-X Inc.

Bird-X Inc. was established in Chicago in 1964. Its first product was an ultrasonic bird repellent engineered to affect pest birds using a ultrasonic audio signal undetectable to human ears. Over the past forty-five years, Bird-X has continued to develop unique and effective bird control products and now offers a full arsenal of bird repelling devices and other pest and critter deterrents.


Kaps, Koats, and Killin Things. Knit Gloves and Karing about Curing Cancer The nation's leader in commercial livestock pest control. Providing weed, rat, fly control.

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