Angus Cattle

Jindra Angus

Operation Descritpion:  Jindra Angus website! Located in northeast Nebraska, the Jindra Program stems from a registered Angus herd that is rooted by Scotch Cap Genetics. In 1994 the first females were purchased from Doug and Molly Hoff. Since then, extensive use of Hoff sires with artificial insemination and embryo transfer has accelerated the growth of what has become Jindra Angus. The program has been complimented by genetics from many great Angus programs, but maintains its potent base of Scotch Cap genetics. Our goal is to produce functional, high-performance cattle that have the potential to increase profit in every sector of the beef industry: Cattle that will excel in the marketplace and satisfy the consumer. As a fellow producer, we want to help you do the same.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Nick Jindra
Phone Number(s):  402-920-3171
Address:  82235 567th Ave
City:  Clarkson
State / Province:  Nebraska
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  68629

Cross Diamond Cattle Co.

Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  308-876-2211
Phone Number(s):  308-876-2211
Address:  76862 C Road
City:  Bertrand
State / Province:  Nebraska
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  68927

Locust Hill Farm

Operation Descritpion:  Locust Hill Farm is dedicated to making high quality agricultural products. Our moto "Quality From The Ground Up. " says it all. From our Horses to our Cattle, it all starts with quality pasture and quality forage. When it comes to cattle we are a seedstock source dedicated to producing the most poductive cattle we can. We do this by using proven genetics, as well as up and comming genetics, that we feel will improve the performance of our herd. We focus on Production and Fertility. Our goal is to produce cattle that perform and look good doing it. We like our bulls to look like bulls and our females to still have femininity. The two breeds that we have chosen to focus on are Angus and Hereford. We believe that the strengths of both breeds will help us provide our customers with the genetices that they need. We provide good looking, productive cattle that will produce and help you put money in your pocket. Cattle for the Cattleman. As for forage we treat our fields and rotate varieties of grasses to ensure that there are no weeds and we make the highest quality forage we can possibly make. All of our square bales are sold with a forage report for the customer, because we believe that you should receive the best! The customer will also know exactly what they are feeding thier animals.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Michael Webert
Phone Number(s):  703-906-4667
Address:  P.O. Box 247
City:  Middleburg
State / Province:  Virginia
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  20118

Witte Farms

Operation Descritpion:  Angus breeder with sales in registered black Angus bulls, cows, heifer's and commercial black Angus bred heifer's.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Sheldon Witte Millette & Madison Witte
Phone Number(s):  573-346-4089
Fax:  573-346-4921
Address:  205 Coyote Hill Drive
City:  Camdenton
State / Province:  Missouri
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  65020

Angus Cattle

Posted on 09 October 2009

Angus cattle are a Scottish breed of cattle much used in beef production. They were developed from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland, and are known as Aberdeen Angus in most parts of the world.


They are naturally polled (do not have horns) and solid black or red, although the udder may be white. There have always been both red and black individuals in the population, and in the USA they are regarded as two separate breeds - Red Angus and Black Angus. Black Angus is the most popular beef breed of cattle in the United States, with 324,266 animals registered in 2005.


Roseda Black Angus

Operation Descritpion:  At Roseda, we interact with all segments of the beef cattle industry from seedstock breeder to commercial cattlemen, to feedlot owners, to packers, to retail stores, to "freezer beef" consumers. This gives us a unique perspective of the industry and motivates us to produce genetics that create both the greatest economic value for producers and the best beef product for consumers.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Ed Burchell Dean Bryant
Phone Number(s):  410-475-2697
Fax:  410-472-0554
Address:  15317 Carroll Rd
City:  Monkton
State / Province:  Maryland
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  21111

Prime Lowline Angus

Operation Descritpion:  Lowline Angus Full-Bloods are 100% Aberdeen Angus, bred shorter (ie lowline) to develop a compact breed of cattle that tops out at roughly 36”- 49” instead of standard sized at 62” and taller. They also deliver a greater yield, the actual pounds of retail product per acre. In exchange for shorter height, compact form and decreased back-fat these beef cattle have less waste, which results in an exceptional high percentage of quality meat. At Prime Lowline Angus we focus on producing animals for the quality of their meat in addition to a mild temperament. In addition to the Full-Bloods of the breed we also produce Purebred and Percentage lowlines, which are lowlines that have been crossed with standard stock and bred down over several generations, to capitalize on the Full-Blood Lowline benefits.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Jim Crawford
Phone Number(s):  707-494-5763
Address:  11750 Old River Road
City:  Hopland
State / Province:  California
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  95449

101 Ranch Inc

Operation Descritpion:  In addition to the registered Angus portion of the ranch, crops like alfalfa, corn, potatoes and wheat are raised and harvested. One of the more unique aspects of the ranch is the gravity irrigation system. Water flows from a reservoir above the ranch and into a pipeline that disperses pressurized water to 1100 acres of farm ground. No pumps are used to pressurize the water used for sprinkler irrigation.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Ross Kast Jim Kast
Phone Number(s):  208-366-7473 208-366-7777
Fax:  208-366-2224
Address:  8105 E Kast Dr
City:  King Hill
State / Province:  Idaho
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  83633

Aristocrat Angus Ranch

Operation Descritpion:  Angus Breeder
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Ben Houston
Phone Number(s):  970-785-2408
Fax:  970-785-2900
Address:  9053 County Road 34
City:  Platteville
State / Province:  Colorado
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  80651

Vohs Angus Farm

Operation Descritpion:  The family’s small but quality herd allows them to focus on superior genetics. Their strict use of A.I. and embryo transfer (E.T.) allows them to use top-flight Angus genetics, while creating added consistency within their herd. The Vohs also ultrasound both bulls and females each year to help them select superior genetics.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Ron Vohs Cathy Vohs
Phone Number(s):  620-528-3336 785-221-2058
Fax:  620-528-3336
Address:  1280 Hwy 56
City:  Allen
State / Province:  Kansas
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  66833
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