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Flying T Salers

Operation Descritpion:  Flying T Salers near Sprague River Oregon is one of the largest and longest established Salers breeders in the United States. We introduced this breed to the Flying T in 1982. The herd was closed in 1985, and has since been subjected to strong selection for calving ease, good disposition, maternal characteristics, and performance traits. Our cattle live under natural range conditions, feeding on meadow and range grasses from late April to mid November. During the five month winter hay feeding period, their diet consists of long hay. These cattle are not pampered, but are treated like commercial cattle. We have available a large selection of polled, black or red bulls, bred cows and heifers. We have semen on many of our foundation herd sires as well as embryos on our top donor cows.
Location & Contact Information
Phone Number(s):  541-533-2416
Address:  35133 Sprague River Rd.
City:  Sprague River
State / Province:  Oregon
Zip Code:  97639


Posted on 04 September 2012

Salers cattle are dark red or black in color. They are known for a rare combination of economically important traits. They possess tremendous calving ease, maternal efficiency and foraging efficiency, and their feedlot performance and high-quality carcasses make them a highly coveted production in the U.S. beef industry. 

American Salers Association

Operation Descritpion:  High Performance Salers ("Sa-Lair") cattle are recognized for their CALVING EASE, CARCASS QUALITY, LOW BIRTH WEIGHTS, RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, VERSATILITY and DOCILITY. Research shows that - bar none - Salers calves will produce more marketable pounds than your Angus calves will, and you'll have better performance, conversion and health if you own them through the feedlot.
Location & Contact Information
Contact Person(s):  Sherry Dubet
Phone Number(s):  303-770-9292
Address:  19590 E. Main Street, Ste 202
City:  Parker
State / Province:  Colorado
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  80138
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