Cattle Fencing

New Energizers from Gallagher USA

Gallagher announces the release of three new additions to the line of reliable, dependable Gallagher Energizers. • The Wrangler - Powers up to 30 acres • The Rustler - Powers up to 20 acres • YardMaster - Powers up to 8 acres These new Energizers are 110-volt with improved, modular electronic circuitry. They are perfect for cattle or other selected livestock on smaller pastures.
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Tru-Test Energizers

Tru-Test Announces New Speedrite & Stafix 6 Joule Energizers These 6 joule output (9 joule stored) energizers are both AC and DC units. Therefore, each can be operated by ELECTRICITY, BATTERY, or SOLAR energy. They can power up to 60 miles or 240 acres of fence depending on fence and farm condition.
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