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Hay Baby

New Way To Move Bales With An ATV You can move large round bales behind a 4-wheeler or UTV using this new electric-operated, 2-wheeled attachment. “It eliminates the need for a tractor and lets you get into wet fields without leaving ruts,” says Lonnie Fast, Fast Hay Movers, Inc., Fairmont, and West Virginia.
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Bale Hay Trailer

Atchison Manufacturing New 16 Bale Hay Trailer • Manual Dump on 10 & 12 • Electric Brakes & Turn Signals • New Spare Tire & Wheel • LT245/75/R16 10ply • Heavy-duty 5th-wheel jack • Both Cradles Trip at Same Time • Deep Cradles for Safe Transportation • Safety lock down on cradles • 10-Bale has 27k axles • 12-Bale has 2 10 axles • Under 8' 6" width empty for legal transport
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