Beefmaster: The Best of Both Worlds

“Beautiful females are what we are after and that’s what Beefmaster bulls do for us,” says Travis Brown of Lykes Brothers Ranch in Okeechobee, Florida. This is the common language used by commercial cattlemen throughout the United States, appreciating the superior females that Beefmaster bulls produce. As our country is steadily working its way out of drought conditions and rebuilding cattle herds, there is a stronger emphasis on purchasing the right bull to produce superior replacement females. Cattle prices are up and cattlemen are overall experiencing a good year. However, it can become expensive to purchase high-end replacement females to rebuild excellent cattle herds.

Frenzel Honored as Beefmaster Breeders United Breeder of the Year

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Gary Frenzel, Temple, Texas, received the 2009 Breeder of the Year Award at the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) Annual Convention Oct. 22-24 in San Antonio, Texas. Frenzel purchased his first Beefmaster bull in 1980. Within a year, he expanded his commercial herd to include registered Beefmasters and today runs 160 purebred cows. He partners with his brother, Terry, to raise another 50 Beefmasters, and manages a satellite Beefmaster herd of 100 cows with his son, Derek.

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