Giving Thanks for Holly - Moooove over Fluffy Cow. Say Hi to Miss Fuzzy!!!

Whitehall Farms is located in Santa Rosa County in the Northwest Florida town of Milton.  The farm namesake is derived from an old confederate plantation in Maryland. The farm was established in the early 1990’s on 150 acres with approximately twelve cows and one bull, all of the Belted Galloway breed. 

Navel Dipping: Reduce Your Herd's Health Risk

Increased calf mortality and illness is blamed on a variety of things: fluctuating weather patterns, an increased number of calvings per day or even transitioning of employees from one task to another. Oftentimes the real cause is the easiest one to fix.

“A common area that is overlooked on many operations is a calf’s navel or umbilicus,” says Bethany Fisher, calf and heifer specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. “This simple thing that triggered the first breath could easily be the source of the last.” Proper disinfection of the navel can reduce the risk of many ailments in calves.   

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