Cow Herd

Limit Grazing for Cow Herds

Assuming more rainfall comes to the Southern Plains states in the weeks ahead, wheat pasture is likely to be a key source of protein and energy for cow herds by late November and early December.
    Nathan Anderson, Payne County Oklahoma Extension director and agricultural educator, said limited grazing of wheat pasture has proven to be one of the most efficient approaches for using this high-quality forage with mature beef cows.

“The protein requirements of a dry cow can be met by allowing her to graze on wheat pasture for one day and returning her to dry pasture grass or hay for the subsequent two days to three days,” he said. “A pattern of one day on wheat and one day off should meet the protein needs of the same cow after calving.”

Baby Calf Health: Colostrum Management & Health Calves

Colostrum management is the critical link in establishing a healthy calf. This practice, in addition to keeping the calf clean, dry and comfortable during the nursing period is of primary concern to insure the calf leaves the hutch in optimal condition. According to research conducted at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech, colostrum protection levels can vary from cow to cow.

How many cows are in your herd?

* 0-50
* 50-100
* 100-250
* 250-500
* 500+

How many cow do you have in your herd

* 50-100
* 100-200
* 200-500

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