Cover Story: Supreme International Quality Without Compromise

Supreme International is known around the world for building vertical processors that meet the highest expectations of quality and performance. Supreme has earned this reputation by custom designing and building each mixer to the end user’s specifications, and using only the highest quality parts and components.

Feed Hay Now to Allow Pastures to Recover

Feed hay in the fall and save the new green grass for winter is a plan that can result in more feed for drought-stressed cow herds. University of Missouri Extension specialists urge continued feeding of hay to allow pastures to rebuild root reserves to prepare grass for strong growth next spring.

“It’s tempting to turn cows onto new fall growth when rains return after a drought,” says Rob Kallenbach, MU forage specialist.

There’s another reason to hold off, says Justin Sexten, MU beef nutritionist. Cows will need high-quality grass when winter brings wet and cold weather. The grass growing this fall can be stockpiled in pastures for winter grazing.

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Ranchers’ Guide to Custom Cattle Feeding

Custom cattle feeding refers to sending cattle to a commercial feedyard that specializes in feeding and managing cattle until they are ready for slaughter. A rancher should consider this practice as a marketing alternative or for market timing purposes. Custom cattle feeding can be used as a tool to increase the dollar return to a cow-calf or stocker program. However, there are times when it may be better to simply sell feeder cattle or calves. The rancher should consider custom cattle feeding at any time when it is likely to increase his net return.

More Bad Press for Corn-fed Beef

Yahoo posted a lead story on their home page this past week attempting to explain corn-fed beef as a health risk while promoting grass-fed purchases. Read the story at the following link
Does the so-called expert Joel Salatin have a bias or some kind of agenda? The article does tell you he is a co-owner of Polyface Farms, what it does not tell you is that Polyface Farms are producers of grass-fed beef. No animal scientists or representatives were quoted. - Justin Champine, publisher
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