Galloway Breed Offer Positives for Cattle Producers

The Galloway breed of cattle with a genetic background that goes back to the coastal lowlands of Scotland has been a choice for cattle owners in the United States since they were first brought to this country in the mid-1800s. “They were tougher than nails,” says Debra Vance public relations director for the American Galloway Breeders Association (ABGA). “Plus, they display great versatility with superior beef production, feeding efficiency and ease of calving.”

Galloway Cattle at a Glance

The Galloway breed has been in North America for over 150 years. At one time it populated the Plains states, back in the days when cattle were exposed to the rigors of the environment with little assistance their owners. The Galloway thrived in these circumstances, because that is the story of the breed’s development. They were the cattle on the British Isles that were left on their own in the roughest of


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