Stop Fly Breeding

Flies are notorious nuisance and public health pests because they have the ability to transmit serious pathogens to both humans and animals. These flies typically occur and breed in a variety of filthy areas, including manure, soiled bedding, spilled feed, garbage and other types of organic matter. One pound of manure can contain more than 1,500 fly maggots, so it is not hard to see how fly numbers can reach enormous proportions and threaten your livestock and workers. To prevent and reduce the instances of fly infestations, be sure to utilize the following best practices in your control plan:

Alltech to Offer Opposing Views at Symposium – ‘The Great Debate’

We here at the American Cattlemen have posted this article to inform you of "Great Debate" This story is brought to you by Alltech. Lexington, KENTUCKY] – Alltech has announced it will hold a 2nd annual industry ‘Great Debate’, as part of its 25th International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium, taking place in Lexington, Kentucky, May 17-20, 2009. This year’s debate will consider sustainability and the ACE principle – the need to achieve long-term profitability while continuing to be conscious of animal welfare, responsive to consumer needs and environmentally friendly - from three different points of view.


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