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Growing Cattle on Pasture

Growing stocker cattle on pasture is an intermediate growing phase within the beef production system. Steers or heifers (stockers) grazed on pasture are generally a low cost way of growing light-weight cattle, 300 to 500 pounds, into feeder cattle weighing 750 to 800 pounds. Profitable stocker production requires that the producer understands the factors that impact efficient, low-cost weight gain. The three main factors that determine profitability are: price received when selling the cattle, cost of cattle, and cost of gain. For brevity’s sake we’ll focus on the cost of gain.



Filling in the Gaps

The perfect forage for cow/calf production doesn’t exist. Even when we do a good job insuring that our cows have the best possible forage available to them there remain nutrient gaps—differences between what the forage provides and the cow requires—that, when ignored, can impact productivity.

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