Livestock Scales

Best In Show - Livestock Judging Gets An Upgrade

Scales and agriculture have gone hand in hand for centuries. The food chain has become big business throughout the course of recent history, and Wisconsin-based Rice Lake Weighing Systems is just one company that cut its teeth on farming. This family-owned scale maker could once call Wisconsin’s creameries and dairies the bread and butter of their business. Today, the “Rice Lake” brand can be found worldwide, from alfalfa fields and feed mills to grocery delis and checkout counters.


Types of Livestock Scales

Livestock scales are generally used in weighing large animals like cattle, horses and sheep, since these animals need to be held and weighed accurately. Weighing scales are particularly important to veterinarians specializing in farm animals because typical veterinary scales are unable to weigh large animals. Likewise, weighing scales are also used in zoos to monitoring the weights of the animals.

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