Solving Sire Mysteries

Who's Your Daddy? - Solving Sire Mysteries

Give or take a week or more, gestation varies enough to make cattlemen wonder: Is this an AI (artificial insemination) calf or a natural service? Multi-sire pastures raise even more questions.

“There are some unique things you can do if you know which bull sired which calf,” says Tonya Amen, with Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI). From bull behavior to replacement heifer selection, the possibilities are both interesting and applicable.

Commercial Angus producers now have that ability. In July, GeneMaxTM (GMX), a DNA test to measure gain and grade potential, added a function without adding cost: sire match. If bulls that could have bred a cow have been Pfizer-50K tested, the $17 commercial test can reveal her calf’s sire.

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