Choosing the Right Vet

 Most cattle producers have experienced needing to find a new veterinarian at some point in their life. Whether you just moved to an area, your veterinarian has moved or retired, or you simply want to make a change, this decision is one that is a very important one to make.

So, You Want to be a Vet

So, you like working with animals, and you want to become a veterinarian. That is certainly a good start, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gaining a degree in veterinary medicine. Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) includes those that conduct research and spend time in the laboratory developing new theories and practices, while others take the clinical route and work in the field diagnosing, treating and curing animals.

Texas State Livestock Veterinarian to Retire

Dr. Bob Hillman, Texas’ state veterinarian and executive director of the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), has announced that he will retire December 31, ending his nearly seven-year tenure with the state’s livestock and poultry health regulatory agency. The TAHC’s 13 governor-appointed commissioners will establish a committee to conduct a nationwide search to fill Dr. Hillman’s position. “I have wrestled with the decision to retire, but it is time to put family first,”

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