Harney The Film - Raising Kids and Ranching

A short clip in the making of Harney, a documentary film about the lifestyle of cattlewomen in the high-desert of eastern Oregon

Kansas Cattle Ranch: America's Heartland

Kansas has lots of beef "on the hoof". The Sunflower state is second only to Texas in raising American beef. One Kansas ranching family has been running cattle for more than a hundred years and they've discovered that changing the color of their cows means more money on the range.

Crazy fast to Crazy Cows

Here's me going from the Crazy Fast pace world of Olympic competition to taking care of Crazy Cows. I plan on adding more videos...like a blog or webisodes. I have more family and friends to introduce. Along with our family traditions and adventures. Until Next Time!

Livestock Bonding at Haleakala Ranch.

Thank you to Mr. Greg Friel of Haleakala Ranch on Maui for inviting me to observe and share his work on training multiple species to act together as a unit for better pasture use. This is an application of Dr. Dean Anderson's research out of the Jornada Experimental Range in New Mexico.

Mother/Daughter Ranching Bond

This spring has been hard on most Montana ranchers, but the Endecott family experienced even more difficulty when Rachel's father was hurt on the ranch. While he recovers, Rachel and her mother, Janet, run the business. On May 31, the women artificially inseminated some of their cows and sorted off ones to be moved to various pastures. In this video, these two women share why they love working together.

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